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Vitamin C or Vitamin D? mRNA or Ivermectin? What’s the Best Way to Stay Healthy?

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article does not claim to prevent, cure, treat or mitigate COVID, but rather provides information for maximum support of the immune system.

Of course, you want to do whatever you can to strengthen your immune system and avoid getting sick.

So you search online, open up multiple browser tabs, and if you’re like many people, end up getting even more confused than you were before. 

There’s no shortage of “advice” on the internet. From TikTok to Twitter to random blogs, anyone can promote health solutions and treatments. 

Look long enough and you’ll come across different advice and guidelines for immune supporters like vitamin C, vitamin D, and differing thoughts, opinions and recommendations for every immune protocol under the sun (with strong arguments for and against them all…)

It can be incredibly frustrating to weed through all the noise to figure out what might really help you. 

So to secure a strong immune system – for yourself AND your family – so you can stay as healthy as possible no matter what life throws your way… What are you supposed to do?

Trust a thoroughly researched and proven way to stay protected from whatever is going around AND reduce your health risks illness as well… 

The most effective immune strategy involves keeping a familiar ally in health balance...

Your Body’s Most Important Immune Resource

Your gut contains around 70-80% of your immune system. That’s no accident… Many of the most nefarious pathogens enter through your digestive system and need to be contained immediately. But that’s just part of the story.

Your gut microbiome contains trillions of bacteria. Some of those are beneficial probiotic bacteria, and some are harmful pathogens. In a healthy, balanced gut microbiome, probiotic bacteria greatly outnumber pathogens. And those probiotic bacteria train and manage your immune system to keep it functioning properly, and make sure it doesn’t under- or overreact.

That’s why a healthy and balanced gut microbiome is crucial for an effective immune response… 

But, an unbalanced gut can GREATLY increase your risk of developing infections and chronic illnesses. 

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How a Balanced Gut Protects Your Health

The beneficial probiotic bacteria in your gut microbiome influence healthy immune system responses 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They help teach your immune system how to identify and deal with unwanted invaders from harmful bacteria to deadly viruses.

Probiotic bacteria also give your immune system extra help by crowding out infectious viruses and bacteria so they can’t gain a foothold. And, in many cases, they can neutralize those pathogens directly so your immune system doesn’t even have to get involved. 

Other ways probiotic bacteria help keep you healthy include:

Unfortunately, those immune-help benefits vanish when your gut microbiome contains more pathogens than probiotics. And that imbalance creates a condition that can make it extra challenging to stay healthy... 

An Unbalanced Gut Can Sabotage Your Health 

Dysbiosis (having more pathogenic bacteria in your gut vs probiotic bacteria) doesn’t only increase the chances that you’ll get sick and suffer more severe symptoms. It also puts up significant obstacles to fighting off illnesses, making it much harder to get better. Worse, that overgrowth of pathogens can quickly cause infections.

Pathogens undermine your immune system by:

These are just some of the ways dysbiosis can make you sick, keep you sick, and keep feeling better out of reach. 

So you can see why a balanced gut microbiome is critical for protecting your health. 

And that’s information you can trust.

How To Keep Your Gut In Healthy Balance

When your gut is out of balance, you’ll feel it, but not always in the way that you might think. 

Whether you’re struggling with GI (gastrointestinal) symptoms like gas, bloating, and diarrhea… keep catching whatever’s going around… or living with a chronic condition… Supporting your gut microbiome’s healthy microbial balance will help you feel your best. Because a balanced gut is one of the biggest factors in a healthy immune system.

And the easiest way to drive optimal gut balance is with high quality spore probiotics. 

Spore probiotics work differently than other probiotics you see on the store shelves. Unlike the vast majority of probiotics available, spore probiotics can survive your body’s gauntlet of extreme temperatures, powerful digestive enzymes, and stomach acid that can dissolve metal. They make it through your digestive system alive and intact, thanks to a protective shell that doesn’t disappear until they reach your gut microbiome. 

That’s what you want in your probiotic: survivability. 

Because if a probiotic can’t reach your gut alive, it can’t provide maximum microbiome-balance support. 

Only spore probiotics arrive alive, and only a couple have been proven by clinical studies and proven to arrive 100% alive...

Keep Your Immune System Healthy and At The Ready with Just Thrive

Sourcing information and protocols from Dr. Google can be a frustrating task, and there’s no guarantee that what works for one person is going to work best for you!

When it comes to feeling certain, your smartest bet is to go with a solution that is clinically proven by multiple studies to support your best health and long term wellness.

Just Thrive Probiotic contains four spore probiotics scientifically-verified (via multiple published studies) that work together synergistically to keep your gut microbiome in healthy balance. And that’s exactly what your immune system needs to get the full support it deserves every day.

 Just Thrive Probiotic encourages robust immune function and healthy immune responses – Ensuring your body reacts the right way to keep you feeling your best.

You can trust Just Thrive Probiotic to keep your gut microbiome in balance and support your immune system. 

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