What is Joot?

what is joot?

“Joot” is the joyous new brand expansion from Just Thrive. 

While Just Thrive products allow you to take control with foundational, total body solutions…

With Joot, the goal is to elevate your health even higher. 

But what on earth is a “Joot”?

Great question! Could it be…

  1. Getting an unexpected but fantastically genuine compliment
  2. Climbing into bed with clean, warm sheets after a long day
  3. Remembering the name of something you thought you’d forgotten
  4. Or the sudden urge to laugh and do the happy dance

Congratulations!... Whatever answer you selected – You’re right :)

When it came time to come up with a name, we wanted to choose something… Unique.

Something that sounded forward-thinking yet familiar, level-headed yet unconventional.

Because in truth, Joot offerings are truly atypical in their makeup and unmatched in their effectiveness.

Whether you’re…

✔ Feeling the ever-increasing pressure and noise from the world around you…

✔ On the hunt for clever ways to optimize so you can reach your next performance peak…

✔ Or caring for your family, and want a natural way to reboot your feel-good and support your best mood and cognition…

Now, you can “just Joot.”

But where did the word “Joot” even come from?

Much like the inventiveness of our products, the word was born from a (rather short) Just Thrive group think session.

Right off the bat, we loved the “OO”… Yes, it’s synonymous with James Bond lore, but did you know?

Double-O actually means, “advanced, boosted, and up-leveled.” 

Some even believe that two O’s are good luck, which might explain why many of the most iconic companies have a double-o in their name:

Yahoo, Google, Zoom to name a few.

With the O’s in place, we simply lifted the J and T from Just Thrive and finalized this fresh addition to the health lexicon.

When you choose to Joot, you can feel confident that you’re helping usher in uber-positive changes for your body, mind, and spirit.

In fact, it’s our mission to make Joot the new standard in powerful, clinically proven wellness solutions that can have the greatest health-transformation potential. 

Because after all: We are nothing without our health.

And nothing should stand in the way of you feeling your best, and achieving even your most ambitious health goals.

>> Check out Joot's first product offering HERE.