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Frustrated by Frequent Headaches?

This Simple Hack Can Change Your Life. Your head feels like it’s being crushed by a metal band… The constant throbbi...

. 8 min read

Can Mucus Fix Your Allergies?

YES… but not in the way you think. Your allergy experience defines your life.Maybe you’re sidelined by congestion, w...

. 10 min read

5 Reasons to Skip the Juice Cleanse

And what to do to promote peak wellness (and gut health) instead. Juice cleanses have grown enormously in popularity...

. 9 min read

Antibiotics and the “Bacterial Cloud”

The mysterious link that can really mess up your gut (and how to avoid the gut distress). If you’ve ever taken antib...

. 7 min read

Are Bacteria "Germs" or Health Heroes?

Learn how good gut bacteria and bad bacteria impact your health, what strains are beneficial, and how to get more of ...

. 13 min read

New Hope If Gluten Gives You Trouble

One unique probiotic can stand up to gluten for easier digestion. Gluten is tough to digest, and it causes uncomfort...

. 8 min read

You Think You Have SIBO – Now What?!

Use this 3-part plan to deal with SIBO once and for all. You’ve been worn down by diarrhea or constipation… plagued ...

. 7 min read

The Best Time to Take Probiotics (Food & Supplements)

Does it matter when you take probiotics to make them more effective? We'll answer this question with specifics regard...

. 15 min read

7 Signs Your Probiotic Is Actually Working

You finally started taking probiotics, but you’re not sure they’re making a difference. After all, you can’t see you...

. 7 min read

These 5 “Normal” Issues Are Really Signs of An Unhealthy Gut

Tired? Achy? Bad breath? Check your gut!

. 10 min read

4 Ways Prebiotics Fuel Wellness

How prebiotic fiber can change your health for the better

. 19 min read

How Gut Imbalances CAUSE Depression

And how addressing your gut can lift the gloom

. 12 min read