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Gut Health

7 Signs Your Probiotic Is Actually Working

You finally started taking probiotics, but you’re not sure they’re making a difference. After all, you can’t see yo...

. 7 min read

These 5 “Normal” Issues Are Really Signs of An Unhealthy Gut

Tired? Achy? Bad breath? Check your gut!

. 10 min read

4 Ways Prebiotics Fuel Wellness

How prebiotic fiber can change your health for the better

. 19 min read

How Gut Imbalances CAUSE Depression

And how addressing your gut can lift the gloom

. 12 min read

5 Things Social Media Gets Wrong About Gut Health

Read This Before Trusting Your Gut Health to TikTok Trends

. 10 min read

The Microbiome and Men’s Sexual Health

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the world of wellness, you’ve no doubt heard plenty of talk about microbiome...

. 11 min read

Get Your Groove Back: The Gut Health Secrets to a Satisfying Sex Life

Has your intimate time been suffering lately? Falling asleep while your partner brushes their teeth…  Racing thoughts...

. 11 min read

Is Your Dog’s Breath Causing You To Duck and Run?

Why this “normal” annoyance can be this sign of deeper health issues

. 7 min read

What Is Gluten… and Why Can It Be So Destructive?

Plus how to beat gluten before it beats up on you

. 11 min read

Why Stress Makes Your Farts Smell Worse

Plus how to keep stress from turning you into a fart factory

. 8 min read

Beware of Imitation Spore Probiotics!

How inferior spores won’t help – and could hurt – your health

. 7 min read

Why Do I Fart So Much?

The facts behind frequent farting… and how to stop it

. 10 min read