Gut Health

Health Empowerment Series: Episode 3

The Connection Between Your Gut Microbiome and Your Immune System

Thanks to recent world events, immune function is really in the limelight right now. But as important as it is for your immune system to protect you from infectious agents, it’s equally important for our body to know what NOT to respond to. And surprisingly, there’s one bodily agency whose chief responsibility is to ensure your immune system responds the right way every time – No over-reacting, no under reacting…

Cliff Notes

  • [02:11] How the gut trains the immune system to identify what it SHOULD respond to (and when it should NOT respond.)
  • [05:26] Why Vitamin C is NOT the best foundational tool for a healthy immune system
  • [8:50] Your immune response to a pathogen is sometimes worse than the pathogen itself (and the key to ensuring this doesn’t happen)
  • [12:44] Shocking study: What happens when you have a mouse with a fully functioning immune system but no microbiome...
  • [17:50] Kiran reveals his routine for optimal immune health (plus the #1 driver of poor immune health)
  • [27:32] The truth about pre-existing conditions and the pandemic (plus the biggest insight that’s come to light)