Just Thrive Answers Your "5 Most Commonly Asked Questions"
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Just Thrive Answers Your "5 Most Commonly Asked Questions"

Hello from our Customer Care team!

We’ve had the awesome opportunity to speak with so many Just Thrive customers over the years, and we want to say THANK YOU for leaning on us and trusting us with your questions! 

We know that taking care of your gut health can be confusing. There is so much to learn, so many product options, and so many things to figure out - like what foods trigger digestive issues and what daily lifestyle habits you should adopt (and get rid of!) to help support and maintain your family’s overall health and well-being.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the 5 Most Commonly Asked Questions we get. We hope this helps answer any questions you may have been wondering about, but if not, please feel free to call us (800.455.8939) or send us an email! Our team is always here and happy to help in any and every way possible.


5 Most Commonly Asked Questions

Q #1: What is die-off and how can I minimize the effects?
A #1: Some people do experience die-off effects when taking Just Thrive Probiotic. This can be experienced as gastric upset, bloating, headaches, skin eruptions, diarrhea, irritability, etc. What we recommend is lowering the dosage to half a capsule a day or even skip doses until the effects wear off.

Although unpleasant,  die-off effects are a sign that Just Thrive Probiotic is going to work eliminating your bad bacteria, while feeding the good bacteria. Essentially, it means Just Thrive is working! The overwhelming majority of people that reduced their dosage did great and were grateful they didn’t stop taking it. 
Q #2: Are Just Thrive products safe for babies/children and pregnant/breastfeeding moms?
A #2: Children/babies: The probiotic strains in  Just Thrive Probiotic are perfectly safe for children and healthy newborns as well. The minimum age of 3 that's on the label is there for choking hazards with children. However, the contents can be opened and mixes easily with any food or drink. There is no odor/taste and the spores are heat stable up to 455 degrees - you can even cook with them!
Start with a quarter of a capsule for a newborn to 6 months old, as long as it's ok with your doctor. For children older than 6 months, a half a capsule is a good dosage. Children 3 and older, a full capsule is the ideal dosage.
Pregnancy/Breastfeeding:  Just Thrive Probiotic is especially important to take while pregnant and breastfeeding, as mothers pass their immunity and microbiome to their children. The spores have the ability to modulate the microbiome to help optimize the environment and improve mom's immune system as well. This way, Mom avoids getting sick, has less inflammation, and is making important antibodies that she'll pass onto her babies to keep them healthy.
Just Thrive Probiotic is backed by clinical studies showing that our strains have created a 30% favorable shift in the health of the microbiome. So, if mom has a healthy microbiome, she will pass that healthy microbiome on to her baby.
Q #3: Do I need to refrigerate the spores or take them on an empty stomach like conventional probiotics/fermented food?
A #3: Spores vs. Conventional Probiotics:  Just Thrive Probiotic is a spore-based formulation. The spore has a protective shell to bypass the gastric system, allowing the probiotic to arrive 100% alive when it reaches the intestines. Survivability of your probiotic makes all the difference! Once in the gut, the spores have the ability to scan for (and eliminate!) pathogens, all while supporting beneficial strains. 
Taken with food: Most probiotics advise to take them on an empty stomach, since the stomach acid will destroy them if taken with food. BUT, because  Just Thrive Probiotic strains are protected by a spore shell, they survive stomach acid and utilize the fiber in our meals to feed on. You certainly can take  Just Thrive Probiotic on an empty stomach, but we recommend taking your daily dose with food for those reasons.
Refrigeration: Many probiotics are so weak that they are unable to remain alive and stable on store shelves at room-temperature. The spore-based formulation of  Just Thrive Probiotic, however, is in a protective shell and therefore very hearty. They only activate once they reach the intestines. In fact,  Just Thrive Probiotic is heat stable up to 455 degrees - you can even cook with them! 
Q #4: How does Just Thrive Probiotic compare to Megaspore?
A #4 Just Thrive Probiotic is the retail version of Megaspore. We work extremely closely with them. We have the exact same 4 key strains as Megaspore in the exact same amounts. Both products have the game changing antioxidant producing strain, Bacillus Indicus HU36.
The only difference is Megaspore has a small amount of a strain called Bacillus Lichenformis, which is a strain that our formulators suggest to be taken under a trained professional's care. It produces the antibiotic bacitracin, as well as some digestive enzymes. Also,  Just Thrive Probiotic is available to everyone, where MegaSpore can only be obtained through a practitioner and is a bit more expensive.
Q #5: Since rolling out Just Thrive Precision PREbiotic - do I need to take them both or can I choose one or the other?
A #5: Probiotic vs PREbiotic: Microbes feed off of specific fibers which is exactly why we formulated our Just Thrive Precision PREbiotic to selectively feed keystone beneficial populations in the gut. It’s important to start with the Probiotic alone for at least the first 3 weeks to terraform the gut and then add in the Prebiotic to enhance those changes. 

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