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The Evidence is Clear: Beautiful Skin Starts From Within

Breakouts always seem to happen at the worst possible moment. And, of course, there’s never a time when you’re happy to see a new pimple erupt. Acne can drive you crazy and mess with your self-esteem at any age. 

And it’s especially frustrating when every cream…gel… lotion just dries out your skin and makes it more sensitive. So when nothing you’re trying gets the job done, it’s time to take a new approach…

Tackle your acne from the inside out. 

New research tells us that what’s going on in your gut microbiome – the trillions of bacteria in your gut – shows up on your face. And you can clear up your skin by changing your gut.

Acne Starts in Your Gut

A lot of factors play a part in causing breakouts. But as it turns out, the birth of nearly every acneic outbreak starts in your gut microbiome.

And when you think about it, that makes a lot of sense. What leads to your worst breakouts?

  • “Trigger” foods 
  • Stress and intense emotions
  • Toxins

All of those things can cause imbalances in your gut microbiome – a condition called dysbiosis. And that’s where acne gets started.

In fact, clinical studies show that people who are acne-prone have gut microbiomes that look different than people with clear skin. People with acne tend to have higher populations of pathogenic bacteria and lower levels of probiotic bacteria in their guts… creating the perfect dysbiosis storm.

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How an Unbalanced Gut Triggers Breakouts

When your gut microbiome is out of balance, pathogenic bacteria vastly outnumber beneficial probiotic bacteria. And while those pathogens’ harmful effects start in your gut, they don’t stay there.

First, pathogens produce compounds called lipopolysaccharides, or LPS toxins – and they’re just as bad as they sound. LPS toxins alarm your immune system, sometimes sending it into overdrive. They also trigger the production of inflammatory compounds that have been closely linked to bad breakouts.

Next, pathogens and LPS toxins attack the protective barrier that lines your gut and locks in harmful compounds. With dysbiosis, there are enough pathogens present in your gut microbiome to severely damage that barrier, causing a leaky gut. And when you have a leaky gut, pathogens and LPS toxins escape into your bloodstream. From there, they travel all over your body causing problems – like acne – wherever they go. 

Plus, those rogue pathogens and LPS toxins create free radicals that cause oxidative stress. And oxidative stress also contributes to breakouts… along with prematurely aging your skin. Studies show that people with acne have more oxidative stress and less antioxidant protection than people with clear skin.

Luckily, you can stop pathogens and LPS toxins from causing breakouts by rebalancing your gut microbiome. When beneficial probiotic bacteria rebound and flourish, it will show on your face.

3 Ways Probiotic Bacteria Promote Clear, Healthy Skin

When your gut microbiome is in healthy balance, probiotic bacteria dominate. These beneficial bacteria contribute to abundant health and wellness – and that includes clear, smooth, beautiful skin.

Here are three important ways the probiotic bacteria in your gut fight acne:

    1. Thwarting pathogens: Probiotics and pathogens compete for space in your gut. More probiotics means fewer pathogens – and that also means drastically lower creation of inflammatory compounds and LPS toxins that contribute to breakouts.
    2. Producing antioxidants: Some probiotics – specifically Bacillus indicus HU36™ – act like mini antioxidant factories. Studies show that HU36™ creates powerful antioxidants including lutein, zeaxanthin, and lycopene – all associated with clearer skin.
    3. Preventing leaky gut: Probiotic bacteria protect your gut barrier from attacks by pathogens and LPS toxins. They also promote a healing environment, which encourages barrier repair. And a strong gut barrier keeps toxins locked in, so they can’t trigger unwanted breakouts.

The evidence is clear: A well-balanced gut microbiome supports clear, healthy skin. To reveal your best skin, your next move is to get your gut back in balance – and keep it that way.

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How to Create and Maintain a Healthy Gut Microbiome

It doesn’t take much to knock your gut microbiome out of balance. A little junk food… a stressful day… These seemingly insignificant things make it easier for pathogens to take over.

And while you can’t completely avoid stress – and may not want to completely avoid junk food – you can take steps to protect your gut microbiome from a pathogen takeover. To do that, you need two important allies: spore probiotics and targeted prebiotics.

Spore probiotics: 

Unlike most of the probiotics at your grocery store, spore-based probiotics survive extreme temperatures and harsh conditions so they can get to your gut microbiome alive and ready to work. 

Once there, spore probiotics 

  • Quickly conquer pathogens
  • Promote the growth of a diverse population of probiotic bacteria
  • Produce healing compounds including essential nutrients and antioxidants

Targeted prebiotics: 

These specialized prebiotics provide the preferred food for beneficial bacteria. They provide a special kind of fiber that helps probiotics flourish… but does nothing at all for pathogens. 

And when you regularly support your gut microbiome with high quality spore probiotics and prebiotics, you’ll notice the difference – inside and out.

Balance Your Gut with Just Thrive

Beautiful, clear skin starts in a well-balanced, healthy gut microbiome. 

Just Thrive Probiotic contains four clinically studied strains of spore probiotics, including Bacillus indicus HU36™, the “antioxidant factory.” This powerful team of spore probiotics supports a diverse gut microbiome full of beneficial bacteria.

Just Thrive Precision Prebiotic selectively nourishes the beneficial bacteria in your gut microbiome so probiotics can grow and flourish.

Balance your gut and give your face a clean slate with Just Thrive.


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