Immunity Lemonade Cubes

Guest recipe and blog by Evergreen D. @evergreen_nourishyourchi

What if I told you, you could leverage your ordinary lemonade into an extraordinarily healthy gut-friendly drink! 😎

I remember as a child, even though my family had just one lemon tree in our garden, we were blessed with tons of lemons (much more than what we could consume and distribute away to family & friends). So, my mommy would squeeze out the juice of the remaining lemons and make what she called “lemon cubes.” These frozen treats came in quite handy, even after the harvest season was over, and I found them to be a very clever and brilliant way of utilizing the surplus we had.

As you might have correctly guessed, my immunity lemon cubes are an inspiration from my mommy dearest. But what makes it gut-friendly and different from what you may have seen elsewhere? It’s the addition of my favorite gut-loving ingredient: Just Thrive Probiotic.

I am happy to take a walk down memory lane to share this lovely simple hack for combining the benefits of the prebiotic-rich lemon and my favorite probiotic. Plus, this simple, easy-to-make recipe will have you enjoying a refreshing lemonade treat in no time!

probiotic lemonade

Immunity Lemonade Cubes



  1. Chop 2 - 3 large organic lemons and remove all the seeds
  2. Add the chopped lemons and the powder from 3 Just Thrive Probiotic capsules to a high-speed blender with a small amount of water
  3. Blend until you get a uniform smooth consistency to the liquid, adding more water if needed. 
  4. Pour the lemon-probiotic mixture into the ice cube trays
  5. Freeze until solid
  6. The next time you come home from the sweltering sun and crave something fresh and cool, pop one of these prepared whole lemon cubes in a glass with some honey or any sweetener of your choice & you have a refreshing & healthy lemonade ready within minutes.

    Sending lots of healthy and gut-friendly wishes your way.



    Evergreen Doctor 

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