Gutlicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Guest recipe and blog by Sarah Mason @therootedblonde

Tell me what’s better than a no bake dessert.. especially in the Summer!

This recipe is a healthy take on the classic Reece’s PB cups, but with a crunchy center that hits the spot every time. These heavenly little treats are so simple and delicious – Plus they’re made with nourishing ingredients (win, win!).

This recipe has been my go to when I have people over or go to a cookout. They are always the first thing to get eaten, and everyone always asks for the recipe. To be honest so many people are shocked when they learn how easy and healthy they are.

And the start of the health show? A “secret” ingredient that has no taste or texture, but delivers a blast of digestive excellence to help you feel your best everyday: Just Thrive Probiotic supports your best gut health and immunity, and can even help you banish bloat! And the best part is that this powerful health allstart blends seamlessly into the filling, delivering a blast of digestive wellness with every nibble.

So go ahead - grab a peanut butter cup (or five). Your tastebuds, and your gut, will thank you! 

Gutlicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 30 minutes (freezing)
Total time: 40 minutes
Course: healthy dessert



  1. Add your nut butter to a bowl along with 2 capsules of Just Thrive Probiotic
    (simply open the capsules and pour in the powder)
  2. Add in your rice puff cereal and mix well until evenly combined— set aside.
  3. Place your chocolate chips in a bowl and melt in 30 second intervals until fully melted
  4. Line the bottom of a baking cup with a layer of melted chocolate
  5. Add in a scoop of your nut butter cereal mixture (I found that using a cookie dough scoop works amazing for this part)
  6. Drizzle on some more melted chocolate and place in the freezer
  7. Freeze for about 30 minutes or until firm
  8. Add some flakey sea salt and enjoy!!

NOTE: This recipe makes 6-8 baking cups. You could also make these into mini bites by using mini baking cups as well for more of a bite size treat. I recommend keeping these stored in the refrigerator to keep the chocolate from melting.


I promise you are going to absolutely LOVE this smoothie. Tag me on Instagram when you try it, and I cannot wait to see your creations! 

Cheers to good health,


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