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Could Inflammation Be The Real Cause of Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and Liver Disease?

For years researchers have known that devastating conditions like obesity, type 2 diabetes, and liver disease spring from a common cause: 


Now, new science shows us that this disease-causing inflammation gets its start in an unexpected place: Your gut microbiome (the trillions of bacteria in your gut).

And that’s actually great news.  

Because taming that inflammation can have a positive effect on your blood sugar… your weight…  and your liver health. 

Moreover, you can reshape your gut microbiome to work like an anti-inflammatory machine.  

All it takes is the right approach and some smart supplementation. 


The Inflammation Connection 

It seems like just about every day, another serious disease gets linked to inflammation.

Whereas a healthy inflammatory response helps your immune system take on disease and heal wounds....   

When inflammation overstays its welcome, it transforms from a temporary help into a long-term problem. 

Chronic inflammation has been shown to cause premature aging and a wide range of diseases, including: 

Persistent and unhealthy inflammation interferes with your normal body processes. It changes the way your body handles things like blood sugar, and can cause your cells to stop functioning properly.  

To complicate things more, the last three conditions on the list above – obesity, T2D, and NAFLD – often show up together... 


Interconnected Conditions 
Many studies show that obesity, type 2 diabetes, and NAFLD usually co-exist. Studies show that 70% of diabetes patients have NAFLD, with a strong connection to obesity.


Properly addressing obesity, T2D, and NAFLD can seem like an endless battle… Unless you go straight to the source. 

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The Source Of Inflammation 

Your gut microbiome affects your overall health much more than most people realize. That’s because the bacteria in your gut can dictate what goes on with your immune system… and that includes inflammation.

Both beneficial (probiotic) and harmful (pathogenic) bacteria live in your gut. When your gut is healthy, the thriving population of good bacteria keeps the bad bacteria (and the harmful compounds they produce) in check. 

But when bad bacteria outnumber good bacteria – a condition called dysbiosis – they negatively impact your health in several ways, including: 

It doesn’t take much to flip the balance of your gut microbiome into the danger zone.  

A single course of antibiotics can do it, or exposure to pesticides (like glyphosate) in food and water, or even a single meal rich in sugary, fatty foods.  

And once dysbiosis sets in, those bad bacteria can multiply at an alarming rate, edging out beneficial bacteria and leading to inflammatory conditions like obesity, T2D, and NAFLD. 


Unbalanced Gut Microbiome Directly Linked with Disease 

Dozens of scientific studies connect dysbiosis with the development of inflammatory diseases.  

That’s not surprising, since chronic inflammation can cause problems in every system and disrupt every one of your bodily functions.  

The strongest links, though, connect obesity, T2D, and NAFLD with an unbalanced gut microbiome. Researchers have found that: 

But there is a silver lining here: Rebalancing your gut microbiome is the fastest path to a healthy inflammatory response… And more! 

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Address Inflammation By Balancing Your Gut Microbiome  

When your gut microbiome is in healthy balance, good bacteria outnumber bad, which allows the beneficial bacteria (probiotics) to have a much bigger impact on your immune response.  

Probiotics support a healthy immune response, a well-controlled metabolism, and improved digestion and nutrient absorption.  

That’s because beneficial gut bacteria perform dozens of essential functions, such as:  

You can see how a healthy gut microbiome contributes to your health and wellness… especially by addressing the kind of chronic inflammation that can trigger so many disease states.   

And the most effective way to rebalance your gut microbiome is with specific strains of spore probiotics. 


Just Thrive Keeps Your Gut Bacteria in Healthy Balance 

Start rebalancing your gut microbiome today with Just Thrive spore probiotics.  

The clinically studied strains of spore strains in Just Thrive Probiotic keep harmful bacteria under control and allow a diverse population of beneficial bacteria to flourish. And that’s just what it takes to get your microbiome into healthy balance. 

The four, proven-effective spore probiotics in Just Thrive include: 

  • Bacillus indicus HU36™, turns your intestines into an antioxidant “factory” producing a wide variety of carotenoids – including lycopene and astaxanthin – to protect your cells against free radicals 
  • Bacillus subtilis HU58™, produces more than 12 natural compounds that are built to address bad bacteria and their effects 
  • Bacillus clausii, known around the world for its ability to balance the immune system, including promoting a healthy inflammatory response 
  • Bacillus coagulans, which produces beneficial short chain fatty acids and helps increase populations of beneficial bacteria in the gut  

Let Just Thrive Probiotic help you keep your gut microbiome in healthy balance for a healthier you. All it takes is one tiny capsule of these spore probiotics per day. Reboot your health journey with Just Thrive!