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8 Critical Reasons Why You Need Vitamin K2

Want to live a long, healthy life?

Here’s a pro tip:

Make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin K2. 

Unfortunately, chances are that you’re falling a bit short on your daily dose of this essential super-nutrient… 97% of people in the western world are K2-deficient!

Why? Because Vitamin K2 is typically not included in most folks’ diet or daily multivitamin.

And you’ll want to do something about that right away because getting enough K2 can help you live longer… and may even save your life.


8 Ways Vitamin K2 Keeps You Alive and Well  

Your body depends on Vitamin K2 to stay healthy… and alive. That’s because Vitamin K2 performs dozens of crucial functions that no other nutrient can do.

Here are 8 of the most important things Vitamin K2 does for you every day:

1. Keeps every organ and system functioning properly by activating critical enzymes and proteins such as
    • Matrix Gla, which prevents calcium from accumulating in blood vessels and soft tissue 
    • Osteocalcin, which plays a role in strengthening bones, balancing blood sugar, boosting brainpower, and increasing fertility 
    • Protein S, which drives healthy blood clotting, prevents abnormal clots, and plays a role in proper immune system responses 

    2. Builds stronger, more resilient bones and helps prevent fractures 

    3. Protects heart health by preventing coronary heart disease and improving cardiac output and circulation 

    4. Reduces arterial stiffness,  a leading cause of heart attack, stroke, and sudden cardiac death

    5. Helps prevent and treat cancer, and improves the effectiveness of standard cancer treatments 

    6. Improves blood sugar management and reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes 

    7. Helps the body fight and survive potentially deadly infections 

    8. Reduces the risk of premature death from a multitude of causes 

    You can see why Vitamin K2 is so essential for your well-being and survival… and why you need to make sure you’re getting enough of this life-saving nutrient.


     Vitamin K-2

    You Probably Have a Vitamin K2 Deficiency 

    The unfortunate truth for most of us is that no matter how healthy we are, we’re probably running low on Vitamin K2. In fact, K2 deficiencies are alarmingly common,  but not surprising….

    Here are the 3 glaring reasons most of us aren't getting enough vitamin K2:

    1. It’s nearly impossible to get enough K2 if you eat a regular American diet. Very few foods contain high levels of Vitamin K2, and if you eat them at all, you probably don’t eat enough to get sufficient K2.  The best dietary sources of K2 include:
      • Goose liver
      • Natto (a pungent, fermented soybean dish)
      • Egg yolks
      • Some dairy products – but only if they’re from grass-fed cows

      2. Any imbalance in your gut microbiome – the trillions of bacteria in your gut – reduces natural Vitamin K2 production and absorption. Beneficial probiotic bacteria in your gut produce about 50% of the Vitamin K2 you need. But when your gut is out of balance, and harmful pathogenic bacteria outnumber the probiotics, your gut can’t supply the K2 your body counts on. 

      3. A single course of antibiotics can trigger a Vitamin K2 deficiency – even if you are consuming enough of this essential nutrient.  Antibiotics can wipe out all (or most) of the beneficial bacteria that produce Vitamin K2, disrupting your natural supply line.

      Vitamin K2 deficiency is so common that worried researchers are calling for it to have it’s own RDI – recommended daily intake – apart from vitamin K1 or vitamin K in general.  And that’s why it’s so important to take a high-quality Vitamin K2 supplement.


      Stay Strong and Healthy with Vitamin K2-7 

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