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Superhero Green Smoothie

Guest recipe and blog by Britta Grace / @britta_grace


Choosing myself first has never felt so good...

Ever since I made the decision to commit to myself & my health, I’ve added a daily probiotic into my morning routine. I’ve always been interested in gut health but didn’t really know where to start, and although Instagram and TikTok have so many great recommendations 😌, I was torn between what was fake and what was real! 

When I found Just Thrive, they not only provided high-quality, 100% spore-based probiotics, they also included information on all things gut health...basically a Gut Health Crash Course. 

Once I did my research, I immediately started implementing this step in my daily routine, and have seen astounding improvements in every aspect of my life.

The best part? If you have a hard time swallowing pills, you can open the capsule and add it to anything (think: smoothies, oatmeal, baked goods, etc.). Literally, anything!  You can even bake with it up to 455 degrees! 

Note: For this recipe, I added the Probiotic AND the Just Thrive Immunity Plus into my green can’t even tell it’s there. 

Here’s what I’ve noticed since starting Just Thrive:

I have seen a significant change in my hair, skin, energy levels and MOOD. 

Including a probiotic in your everyday routine is crucial for an elevated jump start to your health journey. Get started on your probiotic journey ASAP. Your mind and body will thank you 🤍✨🧚🏽

green smoothie


Assembling Your Superhero Green Smoothie:


📍  1.5 C of frozen mango

📍  1 banana

📍  2 handfuls of spinach

📍  Vanilla Greek Yogurt (or go dairy free with Coconut-based Vanilla)

📍  1 C oat milk

📍  1 C ice

📍  1 capsule Just Thrive Probiotic

📍  2 capsules Just Thrive  Immunity Plus


Blend and enjoy all the goodness!

In Good Health,
Britta @britta_grace

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