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Gut Health

Featured Writer: Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter Leader, Joanie Blaxter


You’re a Just Thrive customer! So you recognize that the effectiveness of this spore-based probiotic is not only verified by the highest scientific standards, but also that regular consumption of these unique bacterial strains is an essential part of how our ancestors thrived throughout millennia. 

THAT is the reason I am both a Just Thrive sales representative AND a volunteer Chapter Leader in my spare time for the nutrition education nonprofit, the Weston A Price Foundation (WAPF). 

While I discovered the critical importance of eating like our ancestors through WAPF in 2009, this dietary approach is in perfect alignment with the extensive science behind the gut commensal, spore bacteria used in Just Thrive. To learn more about the Wise Traditions dietary principles, watch this 13-minute YouTube interview explaining Dr. Weston Price’s Research

If learning about wellness is your passion, I strongly encourage you to consider joining the foundation which currently has a 25% discount on their membership UNTIL MARCH 30th.

Benefits to WAPF Membership

There are MANY! However, as someone involved in the natural foods and products industry my entire life, my automatic subscription to the Wise Traditions Quarterly Journal is worth many times over the price of membership. 

The articles in this journal are not only cutting edge, but also of the highest scientific standards. If you want to know what will become commonplace, accepted medical and health practices five, ten years in the future, read the Wise Traditions Journal now!

More Similarities Between Just Thrive and the Weston A. Price Foundation

The functioning of the human digestive and immune systems actually evolved over about 2.5 million years around the regular consumption by our ancestors of organic plants grown in healthy soil, naturally loaded with these gut commensal, spore-based bacteria. 

Scientifically, we have only recently discovered how these gut-cleaning bacteria provide an essential part of our ancestral eating patterns. Read A Primal Probiotic for why we no longer consume the same amounts as our ancestors at time when we arguably need more than ever. 

Furthermore, Dr. Weston Price’s early discovery of the critical importance of Activator X contained in all the most prized foods in ancestral diets (now acknowledged to be vitamin K2) is underlined by Just Thrive’s second and newest formula, K2-7. 

K2-7 is a highly bioavailable combination of an unusually high potency (320 mcg) of the natural form of K2 accompanied by all necessary co-factors. If Dr. Price were still alive, I honestly believe he would choose Just Thrive’s vitamin K2-7 over all the others available. 

If health is a priority for you, your family, and your customers, I encourage you to consider joining the internationally known, nutrition education nonprofit, the Weston A Price Foundation. 

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