Gut Health

Depression, Anxiety, And The Pitfalls Of The Wrong Gut Health Regimen

Between 70-80% of your immune function lives in your gut.

And, your gut is also where up to 95% of your serotonin is produced.

(Serotonin is the primary neurotransmitter responsible for your mood.)

So, your gut is truly is the gateway to feeling your best.

We know that the right probiotic can be one of our best and most trusted allies in supporting gut health, but can the wrong probiotic have the opposite effect?

I had a very enlightening experience last year that taught me a lot about how gut health directly impacts my mood. 

I had recently moved (new house, new zipcode), and in the fray of getting settled, I realized (too late) that I’d run out of my usual probiotics. Feeling pinched for time, I purchased a new brand – It was a brand with an excellent reputation and marketed as having many powerful strains. 

Two days after I started the new probiotics, I spiraled into a very deep depression, one that seemed to take over my entire body.

I was unfortunately quite familiar with this feeling, having dealt with depression for many years – The vast majority of my life in fact... But I had recovered from Lyme Disease roughly four years prior to this episode, and had been depression free since. 

Because I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with over thirty years experience – and a medical and spiritual intuitive – I am knowledgeable about the potential physical causes for depression. Initially I chalked my mood change to the events and stresses in my life (we all know moving to be one of life’s most stressful events!)

But upon further reflection, I honestly couldn’t figure out why the emotional intensity hit me so hard – Apart from the move, my diet, other supplements, and life circumstances hadn’t changed from before my last episode of depression. And truthfully, I was thrilled about my recent move and beyond thrilled to be in our new home. 

As I continued to reflect, it occurred to me (thank you intuition) that I had recently changed my brand and type of probiotic, but I was hesitant to point the finger at this new probiotic since I had never heard of a probiotic causing depression. But, I figured I’d rule out the possibility by stopping it to see how I felt. 

Within two days, the depression lifted and I was back to my old self. 

The Brain-gut Connection

The brain-gut connection isn’t a new revelation and I am very well versed on the topic, but… I thought the wrong probiotic could only be ineffective at worst!

I immediately started doing research to learn more about probiotics and mental health. There are so many reasons why I love Just Thrive Probiotic... From their quality standards to their customer care. But – their choice of proprietary strains is definitely what sets them apart in the marketplace. 

I’ve never – not once – had any issues with my mood or how I feel while taking Just Thrive. In fact, on the whole, I feel absolutely fantastic! As it turns out, there is scientific research to back up why. 

A study found on World Wellness Education describes how several of the Bacillus probiotic strains found in Just Thrive have been shown to have a measurable positive effect on mood, namely depression and anxiety.  They have been shown to encourage the production of the feel good neurotransmitter tryptophan, a precursor for serotonin, in the gut.

To that, they encourage a health inflammatory response, and start to heal leaky gut (see study here) – both of which (inflammation and leaky gut) are linked to depression and other mood issues. This is backed up by studies published in the Harvard Medical School publication Healthbeat.  

Other products by Just Thrive, like the Precision PREbiotic and Ultimate IGg are also very helpful for supporting total gut and immune health. So if you’re looking to support your mood to feel your best and live your healthiest life, you should absolutely check them out.

Personally, I’m beyond grateful that I found Just Thrive (and will NOT be changing brands again! 😎)