Gut Health

Your Weird Symptoms May Have ONE Common Cause

If you have any of these symptoms – and especially if you have more than one…

  • adult acne
  • itchy ears
  • toenail fungus
  • unexplained fatigue
  • intense sugar cravings
  • headaches
  • urinary tract infections
  • trouble concentrating

You probably have candida overload. 

The good news: You can easily get relief with the help of spore probiotics.

What Is Candida Anyway?

If you’re a person, you have candida albicans – we all do. This yeast is found on absolutely everyone. And most of the time, it’s in small amounts and doing no harm.

But when candida has the chance to grow unchecked, it turns into a wild pathogen – a harmful microbe.

Anything that knocks your gut microbiome out of balance – even a little bit – gives candida the chance to gain a foothold. 

That means you probably have candida overload if you’ve ever 

  • taken antibiotics
  • gone through hormonal changes
  • taken corticosteroids
  • felt overstressed
  • taken oral contraceptives
  • had high blood sugar
  • eaten sugary, starchy foods
  • been treated with chemotherapy or radiation 

Candida can be extremely aggressive, so if it gains even the smallest foothold, that turns into massive overgrowth in no time flat. And candida overload causes so many different symptoms that it’s hard – even for doctors – to connect them. 

Unrelated Symptoms with a Single Cause

When it comes to symptoms – if you can think of it, candida can probably cause it. Along with the short list of symptoms you read about earlier, people with candida overload may also have to deal with:

  • aversion to smells
  • impotence
  • athlete’s foot
  • nasal congestion
  • mood swings
  • irregular heartbeat
  • vaginitis
  • chemical sensitivities
  • skin rashes
  • constipation AND diarrhea
  • heartburn
  • toxic streaming 

You may be familiar with that last symptom… but it can take a huge toll on your health and set you up for some serious issues down the line.

When Candida Unleashes Toxic Streaming

Candida has a world-domination strategy, and its primary world is your gut microbiome. When your gut is in healthy balance, full of plenty of beneficial bacteria (probiotics), they keep potentially troublesome candida under tight control.

But when bad bacteria (pathogens) and candida start taking over – a condition called dysbiosis – candida puts its “take over everything” plans in to play. It develops roots (called hyphae) that burrow into the protective barrier that lines the inside of your gut (the gut barrier). And once they attach, they refuse to let go.

Those roots can dig in so far that they make holes in your gut barrier – that’s the start of leaky gut. Once that happens, toxins can get into your bloodstream from three different sources:

  • toxins that were attached to food you ate (frighteningly more common than you’d think) 
  • toxins produced by candida cells as part of their normal life cycle and when they die off
  • lipopolysaccharides – also called LPS toxins – produced by pathogenic bacteria in the gut microbiome

When all of those toxins make their way into circulation, they trigger a huge problem called toxic streaming. And toxic streaming has been linked with the most serious diseases, from deadly heart disease to Alzheimer’s disease.

And there’s only one way to shut off toxic streaming and shut down candida overload 

Get your gut microbiome back in balance with spore probiotics.

Crowd Out Candida and Stop Toxic Streaming

The only way to prevent, stop, and reverse candida overload is by crowding it out with probiotics.

If you kill off candida (with either pharmaceutical or natural medicine) without rebalancing your gut microbiome, the candida will almost certainly overgrow again. But keeping your gut microbiome in healthy balance can be a permanent solution to candida overload.

You can’t have too many good bacteria in your gut – in fact, more is better. These probiotics compete with candida and other pathogens for space along the gut barrier. And if beneficial bacteria aren’t claiming the space, the bad guys will.

Unlike candida, pathogens, and LPS toxins, good bacteria repair and restore the gut barrier when they attach. That stops toxic streaming… and helps put an end to all of those frustrating symptoms. 

Plus, beneficial bacteria produce all sorts of pathogen and candida-fighting compounds that help make sure those bad guys stay under control.

But for beneficial bacteria to take over, they need a clean slate and a running start. And that’s where high quality spore probiotics come in.

Spore Probiotics Control Candida

When it comes to your gut microbiome, spore probiotics are the surest way to restore and ensure healthy balance.

Unlike standard probiotic supplements, spore probiotics survive digestion and arrive intact and ready to work when they get to your gut (your large intestines). They don’t lose any of their beneficial functions as they dodge digestive enzymes and trek through harsh stomach acid. And when they get to your gut, they’re able to:

  • clear out pathogens, including bad bacteria and candida
  • colonize along the gut barrier
  • produce compounds that support the growth of beneficial bacteria

And one spore probiotic in particular – Bacillus subtilis – has been proven to defeat candida. To ensure this aggressive yeast stays in check, B. subtilis takes on candida in a five important ways:

  1. produce a substance called iturin that kills off candida 
  2. produce a variety of anti-yeast compounds that inhibit different candida species (there are over 100!) 
  3. prevent candida from producing self-protective compounds (biofilms) 
  4. stops candida from developing the roots (hyphae) they use to cling to the gut barrier
  5. create compounds that fight pathogens and support beneficial bacteria 

And B. subtilis works even more effectively to rebalance the gut microbiome when it’s combined with other spore probiotics.

Just Thrive Probiotics contain a unique mix of four clinically proven probiotics – including Bacillus subtilis – that can work wonders for your gut microbiome.

Rebalance your gut and crowd out pathogens with the spore probiotic power of Just Thrive.