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What’s In YOUR Probiotic: The Quality vs. Quantity Debate


I’ve seen probiotics with 50+ billion cells…why does Just Thrive only have 3 billion?”

We are often asked about the cell count in Just Thrive Probiotic capsules. Why? Because live in a world where “more” of something is typically seen as being better. Same goes for probiotics: It is regularly (and wrongly) assumed that a probiotic with more cells is a better product. We’re here to tell you the truth: Quantity doesn’t always imply quality. Let’s dig deeper.

Why is Probiotic Quality Important?

There are a lot of probiotics on the market these days ranging from yogurt to probiotic capsules you can buy at the drugstore, to specialized probiotics like Just Thrive. So how do you compare quality between different probiotic products?

The most important thing to consider when looking at probiotic quality is whether the probiotic will actually get to where it’s needed in your body. Probiotics do all of their work in the intestines. So if your probiotic never makes it to the intestines, you’re essentially throwing away money. Unfortunately, that’s the case with most basic probiotic products.

Most of the probiotic cells in yogurt, and many other cheap probiotics, never make it past the stomach. In fact, 99.9% of the cells in yogurt and in other leading probiotic supplements are killed in the stomach. That’s why it’s important to choose a probiotic that will survive the stomach to make it to the intestine where they can flourish.

Probiotic Survivability and Quality

Survivability is a great way to measure probiotic quality. Our customers love Just Thrive Probiotic because they have 100% survivability. The special spore-forming probiotics in Just Thrive have been carefully chosen because they’re able to survive the harsh, acidic environment of the stomach. That means the probiotics you’re spending your hard-earned money on will actually make it to your intestine where they can help improve your health.

When your probiotic is able to make it to the intestine, you’ll should start to quickly feel the results. You can eat yogurt every day, but it may never help you be more regular or resolve other digestive issues. On the other hand, the probiotic strains  in Just Thrive have been shown in scientific studies to not only improve digestion, but they’ll also improve your immune system, helping you stay healthy even during cold and flu season.

The probiotic strains in Just Thrive have also been shown to produce compounds called short-chain fatty acids, which can help you increase your ability to burn fat and may even help you lose weight. These compounds send signals to your body to burn fat, even if you’re not working out. Many of our customers also feel fuller when taking Just Thrive and have fewer cravings for unhealthy foods. So, if your goal is to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, Just Thrive Probiotic will be a natural addition to your health and fitness routine.

Quality vs. Quantity

When choosing a probiotic, it’s important to consider what you’re actually getting out of the probiotic. If you’re buying a probiotic with millions of cells that won’t make it past your stomach, what are you really paying for? Be sure you’re taking the quality of your probiotic into consideration. The high quality probiotics in Just Thrive actually survive digestion, allowing the probiotics to make it to the gut where they’ll make a difference. Give Just Thrive Probiotic a try—you’ll definitely feel the difference of a high quality probiotic!

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