Valentine's Gut-Yummy Pink Yink Drink

Guest recipe and blog by Erica @bringyourownkombucha

With Valentine's day around the corner, I wanted to concoct a simple, swoon-inducing drink recipe that my toddler could help create but was also super healthy. 

One of my favorite drink treats by far is the Starbucks “pink drink”.  The yummy and delicious and, well, it’s PINK! The problem is, most pink drinks (like the ones at Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, etc) are full of sugar and other preservatives.  The average store bought pink drink has almost 24 grams of sugar!  

So I decided to create my own and make it as natural as possible. It’s Winter, so I also like a cozy, warm drink, so I made my pink treat nice and toasty. My version also includes some white chocolate chips and sprinkles on top which makes it a little bit more attractive to my three year old, and also makes it a little more fun to create!

(Health note: I like to use a specific brand of white chocolate chips by Lily's because this brand has no added sugar, non GMO, and even has some fiber.) 

As you may have guessed, the “Pink Yink Drink” name is a nod to one of my sons absolute favorite authors, Dr Seuss. Remember the Pink Ink Drink poem?

Speaking of pink - You may be wondering how I get the magical pink base for this aesthetically pleasing beverage? With BEETS, of course! Beets are FULL of nutrients, high in fiber, and boast health benefits such as addressing inflammation, supporting your immune system, maintaining healthy blood pressure and MORE.  

Of course, to supercharge this drink’s immune and digestive supportive power, I added in the spore based Probiotic from Just Thrive. My kiddos need their probiotics just like us adults, and  there’s nothing easier than sprinkling Just Thrive Probiotic into some of our favorite recipes.  It’s odorless and tasteless and mixes well into anything hot or cold. 

So grab your little ones or loved ones, and make this healthy "pink drink" for Valentine’s Day together!  I like mine hot, but you can also add ice and make it an iced pink drink instead (or even a pink smoothie!)

Valentine's Gut-Yummy Pink Yink Drink



  1. Heat up nut milk of your choice in a saucepan 
  2. Once it hits a mild simmer, pour in white chocolate chips and vanilla extract 
  3. Mix until chips are fully melted 
  4. Next add beet powder
  5. Open a capsule of Just Thrive Probiotic and sprinkle it in 
  6. Top with sprinkles (these are the best healthy option!) and anything else you want!  
  7. Once it cools, you can pour it in a cup and enjoy!

    With Love,
    Erica @bringyourownkombucha