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Travel Happy! Avoid Montezuma’s Revenge with Spore Probiotics

Welcome to a new series called “The Perfect First Time Customer” written by health coach and Just Thrive National Sales Manager, Joanie Blaxter.

Each month will describe a different customer with a different condition or concern, and will explain why/how that customer is a “perfect” candidate for Just Thrive Probiotic. This first article is about travelers.

Joanie will continue covering topics including stinky bowel movements, C Diff, thyroid conditions, Hashimoto’s, acne, gas & bloating, antibiotics, vaginal health, high triglycerides, pre-diabetic, weight loss, autism and mothers-to-be.

Avoid Montezuma’s Revenge with Just Thrive Probiotic

You might not want to tempt fate by drinking the water, BUT your most effective protection will come from having a robust gut microbiome before ever getting on that airplane. Best way to do that? Look to bacterial strains that have been proven to actually colonize the gut and, once there, kill off unwanted pathogens in the intestinal environment.

Just Thrive Probiotic is the only retail probiotic that’s been shown in a clinical study to 100% survive stomach alive down to the intestines and actually colonize and remain there long enough to do critical gut-cleaning, anti-pathological work.

Conventional strains (ie, non-spore lactobacillus, bifidobacterium, etc.) are:

  • 99.9% killed by stomach acid,
  • Unable to colonize and/or kill pathogens in the gut, 
  • Provide, at best, only a temporary, short term immune boost by donating some nutrition to the beneficial bacteria already living in our intestines.

How do the strains in Just Thrive survive and thrive? Their spore shell protects them from stomach acidity.

Furthermore, the only strains used in Just Thrive Probiotic are “gut commensal,” meaning their natural home is the gut. Once in the intestines, these licensed strains of bacillus immediately move from their inactive, spore-protected state and come alive by opening their shell, eating, reproducing and cleaning up the microbial population.

Because these strains are designed by nature to be transient gut cleaners, not permanent gut colonizers, they slowly travel from one end of the digestive tract to the other, all the while killing harmful microbes while simultaneously increasing the beneficials. Finally, after about 3-4 weeks, they are excreted out which is why daily consumption provides peak gut protection.

Whenever I talk to a customer looking for help remaining healthy while traveling, I always assume that, no matter what, most likely that person has a chronic, low level overgrowth of harmful gut microbes.

Why do I assume that?

At the very beginning of the Leaky Gut study conducted by Just Thrive in 2016, researchers were shocked to find that while all the relatively young (most were in their teens and early 20’s) participants had no disease diagnosis, nevertheless, it turned out that fully 50% ALREADY had measurable endotoxin poisoning (Leaky Gut) before even starting the probiotic study.

Although by conventional medical standards, they were all considered to be “healthy,” the reality is, blood tests don’t lie.The results showed clinically high levels of inflammatory endotoxins circulating throughout their bodies on an ongoing, daily basis. A natural byproduct of harmful microbes in the gut, these endotoxins had leaked into the bloodstream through the intestinal wall (ie, Leaky Gut) which were then confirmed by the blood test.

Furthermore, the researchers were also extremely surprised at what happened to the participants who  consumed the placebo (unknowingly – this study was double-blind, placebo-controlled). While 100% of the participants who received the Spore Probiotic improved (overall, by about 42%), those taking the placebo worsened by up to 30% in just 30 days

These two unexpected outcomes indicate that Leaky Gut is potentially a widespread and quickly worsening reality in our society. For that reason, I always assume Leaky Gut is a chronic condition for ANYONE by the time they reach the age of 30, and possibly earlier depending on their symptoms.

So what happens when someone with chronic, low-level Leaky Gut travels to a foreign country and gets exposed to a lot of bad buggies that their potentially underfunctioning system has never seen before?

To me this person is at risk for diarrhea – or worse – because having ongoing intestinal irritation from a chronic pathological overgrowth can make the gut ultra-sensitive to a newly invading pathogen picked up in some unusual environment.

Best case scenario? Start taking gut-cleaning and immune supportive Just Thrive Probiotic at least 3 months before an international voyage to give its unique bacillus strains enough time to substantially kill off pathological, toxin-producing microbes in your gut.

Kill the pathogens. Reduce the toxins that are their natural byproduct. Lower the toxic interference with the immune system (80-85% embedded in the intestinal walls). Decrease gut inflammation.

But here’s the really good news! Just Thrive Probiotic never, ever needs refrigeration. Keep it handy in your purse or suitcase to take daily with a meal. Although no worries! These bacteria will survive if consumed on an empty stomach. You simply get a higher reproduction rate – and better bang for your buck – if you provide them with a nice, big feast by taking it with your largest meal.

Here’s how hardy these strains are – they were still viable even after being heated up to 455 degrees! So yes, you can toss them in the trunk of your car or leave them in the sun without concern.

Got a traveling companion who doesn’t believe you about how this unique probiotic may ward off Montezuma’s Revenge? The capsule can be easily opened and the contents dumped into a morning cup of joe with no harm. (He or she will never know… no flavor, no color and still alive and effective!)

Thanks for reading…and stay tuned for more from Joanie!

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