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Wise Traditions Podcast: “The Dangers of Glyphosate” with Kiran Krishnan

We’re so thankful for the recent interview Just Thrive microbiologist did with our friends at Weston A. Price Foundation for their Wise Traditions podcast. This particular topic is a “thorn in our side” so to speak – an ongoing issue so massively out of control in today’s society that it’s hard to fathom how we can regain control and eliminate the problem from the source (Monsanto, in this case).

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SUMMARY: Many people use Roundup without questioning its safety. It’s advertised on TV, and sold at hardware/garden stores all over the country. The herbicide is viewed as a “miracle spray” that gets rid of those dreaded weeds within hours. It’s become a staple garden product in many homes. And it’s used by many agricultural companies during food production. But how safe is it really? What is it doing to our health?

In today’s conversation, Kiran Krishnan, a research microbiologist and an expert on the human microbiome, explains how dangerous glyphosate – the primary ingredient in RoundUp – is to our health and ecosystem. He discusses the science behind the damage it causes to the body’s microbiome. He also explains how the presence of glyphosate directly correlates with the rise of many chronic health conditions, including obesity, autism, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, and gut infections. Kiran goes in depth about the dangers of this ubiquitous herbicide and explains why it’s still in use today, despite warnings from the World Health Organization that it is a probable carcinogenic.

Most importantly, he tells us what we can do (and eat) to protect ourselves from this toxin that acts like the worst kind of antibiotic on a mass scale.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

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