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The Skinny Confidential with Tina & Kiran

>> Listen to the interview: How Our Gut Controls Everything - The Secret To Health, Beauty, Disease Prevention, & Clean Living

Interview summary:

There is a mass extinction event happening…

Inside your gut, important beneficial microbes – the ones that impact every crucial system in your body – are at-risk.

And the risk is severe.

In fact, many experts are saying it’s tantamount to losing an organ.

As sensational as that may sound, this is what the latest science is telling us. 

But that’s not all… There is also some great news as well.

Because when you know how to properly support your gut, you can ensure that your beneficial bacteria stay strong in numbers and keep the pathogens and toxins at bay.

When it comes to feeling your best and encouraging optimal immune, digestive and emotional health, this interview – with Just Thrive founder Tina Anderson, Just Thrive microbiologist, Kiran Krishnan, and the hosts of The Skinny Confidential – may be one of the most important talks you hear all year.

You’ll discover:

» Why the health of your gut is the most important factor in your immunity...

» How your microbiome dictates the strength of your skin, vaginal canal, and even the birthing process...

» And most importantly, we list out all the practical things you can do RIGHT NOW that can make a big, big difference.

(These are SIMPLE action steps you can take today for the health of your body, your mind, and your environment.)

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