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There are so many things to do in a day – Especially for the health conscious: drink 8 glasses of water, eat well-prepared, balanced meals, take daily supplements, brush your teeth, exercise. Live, laugh, love… right? When do we have time to work on top of all of this? 

Though it might sound sarcastic, I know this is a mentality so many of us share. Getting the body into optimal health can sound like a full-time job in and of itself. When embarking on your health journey, remember just that: it IS a journey. Stamina and consistency are the keys to take you to your goal. 

First Step: Mindset. Take A Realistic Survey of Chronic Disease

Chances are high that if you are living with a chronic condition - for instance, leaky gut - it wasn’t always like this. There is a reason why, as we age, chronic diseases slowly creep up. Part of it is biology, of course; everything has a life cycle, a beginning and an end. The fascinating other part of life is that as we age, we get to choose habits that can slowly compound negatively or positively over the course of this beautiful life of ours. Chronic conditions, in many instances, are the result of the compounding of choices or habits that slowly over time, make us unwell. 

However, even with a complete 180 in daily habit and routine, you still will have to retrace your “steps” slow and steady to move you away from sub-optimal health and put you closer to vibrant body health. One foot in front of the other towards your health goal, and let go of the expectation that things will improve overnight. By doing this, you can retrain your body over time while giving it time to adjust, heal, and to thrive with every step in the right direction.

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Step 2: Start with the Gut (The Gateway to Health Everywhere)

It seems too simple: Gut health leads to health everywhere else in the body. The more that researchers look at the gut’s microbiome, the more evidence stacks to show that an incredible array of disease states and conditions are interconnected with the vibrancy of our complex intestinal composition. 

Don’t believe me? Take a listen with your own ears. Spend some time with Just Thrive’s Chief Microbiologist explaining how everything from Allergy relief from spring hay fever to Depression and Bipolar Disorder to Acne and Rosacea to Rheumatoid Arthritis is connected to our gut’s microbiome. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, by the way! There are literally hundreds of other publications and studies of other conditions ultimately being related to intestinal health, painting a mosaic of wellness all revolving around one central common denominator. 

With that in mind, if life seems very busy and hectic, and optimal health is also a priority of yours - the good news is you may be able to address multiple factors at the same time by focusing on your gut! And the best (and possibly easiest) way to do that? By taking a clinically proven spore-based probiotic once a day.

Step 3: Spore-Based Probiotics, Arriving Just in Time and In-Tact!

A quick note is warranted here - not every probiotic is created equal. Actually, most probiotics on the market today do not even reach the intestines alive and in-tact. That’s real. And it’s ridiculous, but I’m here to educate you on the differences. 

A spore-based probiotic, like the Bacillus strains used by Just Thrive, have an endospore shell around it, allowing the bacteria in the probiotic to make it to the gut alive even after passing through stomach acid. This same endospore shell also protects the probiotics from heat - the reason why this species of probiotic does not need to be refrigerated. No special treatment, no pampering needed. This probiotic is tough as nails, and is ready to get to work. Perfect! One less thing for you to think about in your busy day. 

Increasing gut microflora diversity is key to balancing and maintaining a healthy microbiome, which in turn leads to health throughout your entire system. 

Beyond The Biome:

Bacillus indicus HU36™, one of the active strains found only in Just Thrive Probiotic, actually creates antioxidants in the gut, right where they need to be absorbed! Leaky gut syndrome is caused by oxidative stress, for instance. Currently this is the only probiotic on the market that is also FDA approved to be listed as a natural antioxidant - though, it is the bacteria that produces the antioxidant in vivo inside the intestines, not in the bottle! 

Why stop there? It has also been shown that the Bacillus strains used in JT’s probiotic blend also support the production of methylated B vitamins. When absorbed by the gut, these B’s provide the building blocks to manufacture virtually all of the body’s hormones like serotonin, dopamine, GABA, testosterone, and estrogen to name a few.


Step 4: How Do You Eat An Elephant? …One Bite At a Time

There are so many quotes and phrases in the English language brimming with the wisdom of “slow and steady wins the race.” I particularly love this ‘dad joke’ about the elephant, because it’s funny because it’s so obvious - no one ever thinks of the answer! But this pearl of wisdom bears much fruit. It is a glimpse of the divine. One foot in front of the other really does get you to your destination. 

Health and wellness is a marathon sport more than anything. Consistent small steps, which can seem like a daunting task at first, is something to build over time. Start with one step in the direction you would like to go, and then stick to it. It might be tempting to be discouraged because your goal seems so far away, but don’t be fooled by InstaGram’s insta-gratification, real progress is incremental. No amount of wishing that weren’t the case is going to make it untrue. 

Step 5: What to Expect On Your Healing Journey

A spore-based probiotic makes a significant impact in the gut microbiome in a relatively short amount of time. Within the first two weeks these landscapers of your intestinal flora slowly start replacing the harmful bacteria already residing there. They do this by virtue of you taking one capsule everyday, increasing the physical numbers of beneficial bacteria daily. But these little champions also pack a punch once inside. 

Once in place, they actually scout out for harmful bacteria and isolate them, starving them from nutrients to further increase the numbers of the beneficial bacteria left to reign. Because of this, some users may experience different symptoms while this die-off phase is still in transition. This may be felt in some sensitive individuals as the harmful bacteria die out, releasing micro toxins they have stored inside themselves. This is temporary and actually a sign you are realigning your gut with beneficial bacteria as they clear out the riff-raff. More reason why consistency (especially early on) is very key to your success. You may not feel changes for the positive for a few weeks of consistent use - but take comfort in knowing that some heavy lifting is being done!

Step 6: Treat Yourself! Celebrating Strengthens New Neural Pathways

To help create consistent healthy habits, celebrate the little wins, it will release chemicals that promote happiness and will keep you motivated to continue! 

BJ Fogg, a Stanford behavioral researcher, wrote a book and published many studies around his “Tiny Habits” program verifying this. You actually support your own neuro-development when you take the time to celebrate those small victories. He and his team found that straight motivation doesn’t work for long-term growth, you need to tap into the potential of behavior

The problem is that most people subscribe to the Information-Action Fallacy, when trying to improve. This happens when we assume that knowing facts will be enough to make us change. The truth is that no matter how much data we have, and no matter how well it motivates us to begin, it’s just never enough to keep us going. Instead, start a new habit by unlocking the power of action: connect your habits with prompts that are already in your daily routine.

So, tomorrow in the morning, remember to go to the cabinet and take your morning probiotics and supplements after you leave your bed. That’s your cue - that’s the thing that is already in your daily routine. Once you take your Probiotic, celebrate! Sounds funny, but do it - do a dance! It is shown that this little release of endorphins will ingrain in your neuronal pathway to be something you want to do, and thus will be reinforced. Over time, the little boost of hormone release will be less and less needed for this new habit to be concretized in the flow of your daily life.

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About Kimberly Jean DeLisio

Kimberly holds a BSN in Nursing, with years of experience as a PICU & trauma nurse, and a Master's of Arts in Education Research. She currently sits on the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of the American Herbalists Guild.

Kimberly has studied directly under Alexis Durham, lead herbalist at Herb Pharm, Sajah Popham of Organic Unity Spagyrics, Tyler Wauters of Hawthorn Institute, Master TCM Herbalist Chris Morano of Clearpath Herbal School amongst many others. Kim, in recent years, started and directed several large scale commercial herbal apothecaries for community retailers on both the West and East coast, with close working knowledge of over 300+ botanicals.