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4 Ways Prebiotics Fuel Wellness

How prebiotic fiber can change your health for the better

. 19 min read

Wish You Were More Motivated to Work Out? (Try This)

Plus why the key to loving exercise may lie in your gut

. 9 min read

Electric-Gut Mango Energy Bites

Guest recipe and blog by Ligias @Ligiasfreshbowls Say goodbye to midday slumps and hello to a vibrant and energized g...

. 3 min read

Strawberry Matcha Yogurt Bark (powered by Pre+ProBiotics)

Guest recipe and blog by Ligias @Ligiasfreshbowls Are you chomping at the bit to enjoy some pool parties, barbecues, ...

. 4 min read

Salmon Bites with Mango Salsa

Guest recipe and blog by Emily Hill @wonderwhyimfat I like to make our dinners more fun with bright colors and health...

. 3 min read

Why Do I Feel So Sleepy After I Eat?

Tired of your daily “food coma”?... Here’s what you can do.

. 9 min read

Why Am I Bloated in the Evening?

Your Guide to Night-time Bloating and How to Stop It

. 11 min read

“Secret Ingredient” Holiday Mocktail

Guest recipe and blog by Sarah @therootedblonde Looking for a delicious drink to enjoy at your holiday gatherings wit...

. 3 min read

Back to School Immune Popsicles

Guest recipe and blog by Evergreen D. @evergreen_nourishyourchi  It’s back to school time around the country! Every m...

. 3 min read


Guest recipe and blog by Just Thrive’s lead educator, Joanie Blaxter Did you know? Our ancestors ate about 100 grams ...

. 2 min read

The Only Health "Hack" That Works For Everyone

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day… Neither Will Your Gut Biome Be Re-Built Overnight

. 9 min read

Vaginal Health, Gut Health, and A Healthy Pregnancy - More Connected Than You Might Think!

Pre- and Probiotics for Women: expanding your sense of how impactful gut microbiome is for your whole being

. 10 min read