The “Longevity Nutrient” That Can Unlock a Wealth of Wellness

Plus, the easiest way to make sure you're getting enough

As we age, there's no shortage of health issues that can take us down:

Viruses, infections, memory loss, breaking a hip, heart attacks, and more...

But here's the good news. Recent science now shows that staying strong and promoting your best health as you age may be a little easier than you think.

And it doesn't require being blessed with good genes, eating nothing but salads with lean protein, or getting in 20,000 steps every day.

In fact, it can be as simple as taking a sip of water, and has the power to unlock a lifetime of wellness.

12 Ways Vitamin K2 Promotes Lifelong Better Health

By making sure you get the recommended amount of vitamin K2, you’ll be creating a path toward abundant health and vitality.[1]

Adding this nutrient to your life unlocks a higher level of wellness in twelve very important ways.

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  1. Keeps bones strong by increasing bone mineral density and bone strength[2]
  2. Maintains heart health by preventing calcification of the blood vessels[3]
  3. Helps reduce abdominal fat and body weight[4]
  4. Improves memory and cognition while protecting brain cells against plaques[5,6]
  5. Promotes positive moods and reduces the chance of depression[7]
  6. Helps your immune system mount healthy, balanced inflammatory responses[8]
  7. Supports cellular energy production[9]
  8. Helps manage blood sugar and maintain healthy insulin sensitivity[10]
  9. Increases bone impact strength and promotes bone mineralization in postmenopausal women[11]
  10. May block the signaling pathways associated with the proliferation of liver cancer cells, resulting in the activation of the body’s natural defense systems[12]
  11. Helps protect against NAFLD (nonalcoholic fatty liver disease), a condition that affects up to a third of American adults [13]
  12. Delivers powerful anti-aging benefits and may stop the development and progress of some age-related conditions.[14]

How can one small change do all of this? By activating important proteins and enzymes in your body. Each of them triggers healthful and healing processes, keeping you alive and well and glowing with good health.[15]

But when those proteins and enzymes don’t get activated, any number of health issues can take hold leading to illness and discomfort.[16]

photo of woman's finger pushing power button; activator X, vitamin k2 concept

Vitamin K2: The Key to Wellness

Your body needs vitamin K2—also known as Activator X—to turn on more than a dozen proteins and enzymes that control crucial bodily functions.[17] Those include:

  • Osteocalcin - which regulates blood sugar, testosterone production, and bone quality[18]
  • Matrix Gla protein – which makes sure calcium goes to your bones where it belongs and not to your blood vessels where it doesn’t[19]
  • Periostin – which directs appropriate cellular responses for repair and maintenance of tissues and organs[20]
  • Growth arrest-specific protein 6 (GAS6) – which helps regulate inflammation, keep blood vessels healthy, and manage blood sugar[21]

But none of that works without K2, an essential nutrient that no one really talks about. So it’s no wonder that around 97% of people have deficient or insufficient levels of this critical compound[22]… and you’re almost certainly one of them.

You probably haven’t heard much about vitamin K2. But even if you know a lot about it, you still aren’t getting nearly enough to keep you as healthy as possible. Here’s why…

Limited K2 from Food Alone

Unlike many essential nutrients and healthful compounds, it’s nearly impossible to get all the vitamin K2 you need from food. That’s because the richest sources aren’t really part of a regular diet, and you’d have to eat a lot of them.

  • Natto (a fermented soybean dish)
  • Goose liver (pate)
  • Dark meat chicken, duck, or goose
  • Chicken liver
  • Egg yolks
  • Dairy products from grass-fed cows (other dairy products won’t do here)
  • Emu oil

And even if your daily diet includes healthy helpings of these foods, that still may not be enough.

For one thing, the animal sources have to be free-range and consume mainly live grasses. So beef from cows that eat hay or eggs from chickens that eat corn and soy won’t do the job.

Also, you need to eat fat—but not trans fats—whenever you consume K2 or it just won’t absorb and act properly.

And if that didn’t make things hard enough, several medications can deplete your supplies. That list includes some antibiotics, like penicillin and azithromycin (Z-pak), ciprofloxacin (cipro), fat-blocking drugs like orlistat, and some cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Luckily, you can take one simple step that will make sure your body has plenty of vitamin K2 available to activate those proteins and support your best vitality. A daily supplement in its most bioactive and bioavailable form, vitamin K2-7, can help you make sure you’re getting enough of this crucial nutrient.

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