Gut Health

The Key To Keeping Your Vital Organs Healthy

Your vital organs – heart, lung, liver, and kidneys – keep you alive and well… but they need your support in order to thrive.

All of these crucial bodily components have a surprising common connection, one that deeply impacts their daily performance:

Your gut microbiome.

By making sure your microbiome stays in healthy balance, you’ll be giving your heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys the support they need.

In fact, healthy organ function depends in large part on the work of your beneficial bacteria (probiotics). 

Simply put, when there aren’t enough probiotics in your gut microbiome, your critical organs will struggle. 

The solution? 

Create a healthy environment where beneficial bacteria can survive, thrive, and provide the support your vital organs need to keep you feeling your best. 


How Beneficial Bacteria Promote Your Best Health

Over the past several years, scientists and researchers around the world have discovered the surprising reach of the gut microbiome (the trillions of bacteria that live in the gut). 

While its influence starts locally, right in the intestines, your gut microbiome affects every part of your body…

And that includes your vital organs. Your heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys depend on your gut microbiome. When it’s out of balance – meaning bad bacteria outnumber beneficial bacteria – that can threaten organ health. 

That’s because the beneficial bacteria – probiotics – in your gut have many important jobs, including:

  • Managing your healthy immune system responses
  • Producing short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) necessary for optimal organ health
  • Generating a wide range of essential nutrients, including B vitamins, vitamin K, and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)
  • Supporting the body’s ability to self-repair normal wear and tear
  • Keeping the gut barrier strong and secure 
  • Creating anti-inflammatory compounds
  • Keeping harmful microbes under control

All of the above are of critical importance for your vital organs, but in different ways depending on that organ’s most essential needs. Below we discuss in detail how your beneficial bacteria (probiotics) help keep you and your organs stay in peak health.


hands in a heart shape

Probiotics Keep Your Heart Beating

Your heart health depends on a lot of factors, from your blood pressure to  your cholesterol levels to the flexibility of your blood vessels.

And a balanced gut microbiome full of probiotic bacteria contributes to all of those healthy heart measures in a variety of ways, including…

All of these positive benefits of probiotics help keep your heartbeat strong and steady… and so much more!


Probiotics Keep Your Lungs Breathing Freely

The gut-lung axis connects your gut microbiome to your lungs. That means the bacteria in your gut have a direct impact on your lung health… and that includes breathing freely.

When your gut microbiome is out of balance, and harmful bacteria outnumber probiotic bacteria, it can have a negative effect on your airways. That’s because inflammatory compounds produced by harmful bacteria interfere with healthy lung function. 

On the flip side, though, a well-balanced gut microbiome full of probiotic bacteria can improve lung function – making it easier to breathe fully and deeply.

Probiotic bacteria in the gut contribute to lung health by:

You can see why healthy lungs rely on the probiotics in the gut microbiome… and how hard it could be to breathe freely without them.


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Your Liver Loves Probiotics

With more than 500 critical functions, your liver is one of the busiest organs in your body. That includes converting food into energy, keeping your blood sugar level steady, and clearing our toxins. 

Your liver has a direct connection to your digestive system and your gut microbiome. And when bad bacteria outnumber probiotics in your gut, your liver pays the price. 

That’s because those bad bacteria produce inflammatory compounds and other destructive substances, including lipopolysaccharides (also called LPS toxins) that can hurt your liver instead of helping it function. 

Probiotic bacteria, on the other hand, offer a wealth of healthy support to your liver:


Probiotics Treat Your Kidneys Kindly

Your kidneys have the difficult job of filtering your blood and removing all the waste and toxins. 

At the same time, these two small organs have to constantly balance the salt, water, and mineral levels in your bloodstream. 

That takes a lot of work... In fact, your kidneys filter and balance about a half-cup of blood every minute.

That’s where beneficial gut bacteria can come in very handy.

Scientific studies show that a well-balanced gut microbiome full of probiotics helps:

  • Reduce levels of kidney-related (uremic) toxins in the bloodstream
  • Improve cholesterol profiles
  • Lower overall inflammatory activity
  • Decrease oxidative stress

Plus, the SCFAs produced by probiotic bacteria help activate anti-inflammatory proteins (called receptors) in the kidneys, making it easier for those vital organs to do their job.

How To Give Your Vital Organs The Love and Support They Need

Just Thrive Probiotic contains four clinically studied spore probiotics that team up to keep your gut microbiome in healthy balance. 

Bacillus subtilis HU58™ which has been proven to be a hyper-potent fighter of harmful bacteria that seek to negatively impact the gut.

Bacillus indicus HU36™ which transforms your gut lining in your intestines into a free-radical-fighting factory. 

Bacillus coagulans which is proven to soothe occasional diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain, and unusual stool frequency.  

Bacillus clausii which is the only strain of probiotic known to resist damage from a variety of common antibiotics.

Along with establishing a healthy, well-balanced gut microbiome, these spore probiotic strains produce plenty of the essential nutrients that your heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys need to stay healthy.

Give your vital organs everyday love and support with Just Thrive.