Probiotic Vegan Pesto Sauce

Guest recipe and blog by Ligia / @ligiasfreshbowls

Pesto is the ultimate sauce. It’s packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and iron, and its calories come from the unsaturated fats, the “healthy fats” which support heart health. But the real health benefit comes from the fact that it can be used as a substitute for unhealthy spreads like mayo, creamy, milk-based pasta sauces and even ranch dressing.

Sauces have always been such an important part of many dishes, but so many commonly used sauces contain dangerous ingredients that can ruin your gut and overall health. Making your sauces at home is the best way to show your gut a little more care and love that it needs. 

Have you made pesto sauce at home before? If not, you’re about to fall in LOVE with pesto all over again, and you’ll soon be adding it to your next gluten-free pizza.

And... To make this sauce even more powerful and nutritious we’ll be adding in Just Thrive Probiotic for some supercharged gut-happy goodness. 

Let’s first start with the basic ingredient in a pesto sauce: BASIL 


Basil is an outstandingly healthy herb, and an excellent source of vitamin K, manganese, iron, and vitamin C & A. Basil regulates normal liver functioning, promotes heart health and is also high in antioxidants that can fight against viruses. Eating basil often can really help keep your body strong against whatever is going around. 

The next ingredient is spinach. Adding spinach to your pesto it’s not exactly what you see in a store bought version, but I believe it’s the spinach that brings harmony in this pesto sauce. We’ll finish this awesome sauce by adding the rest of the ingredients: olive oil, vegan parmesan cheese, toasted pine nuts, garlic, salt and pepper to taste. 

Let’s get into the recipe...

Probiotic Vegan Pesto Sauce Recipe


🌱   2 cups organic fresh basil 

🌱   3 cups organic baby spinach 

🌱   1/4 cup olive oil 

🌱   1/2 cup shredded vegan parmesan cheese 

🌱   1/4 cup toasted pine nuts 

🌱   Some fresh garlic 

🌱   Salt and pepper to taste 

🌱   1-2 capsules of Just Thrive Probiotic

Instructions (for vegan pizza):

1. Mix all ingredients in a high speed blender. If you want your pesto sauce to be a very smooth sauce, blend longer than 3 min. If you like your pesto to have some bits of pine nuts then don’t blend for too long.
2. Spread the pesto sauce on a vegan pizza crust 
3. Add fresh vegan parmesan cheese, and cherry tomatoes
4. Cook in the oven for 15 minutes. 
5. Take out and add more toasted pineapple nuts, vegan parmesan cheese and fresh basil. 
6. Enjoy ☺️ 

    With Love,
    Ligia @ligiasfreshbowls

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