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Looking Forward to Your Summer Travel Plans?

You’ve been waiting for this vacation for months, and you couldn’t be more excited to be out in the world having fun.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for the fun to get ruined by inconvenient – and sometimes embarrassing – health problems. This summer especially, if you want to enjoy the vacation of your dreams… Keep an eye out for the following 4 “vacation interrupters” that love to make a mess of your travel plans… And take note of the 4 must-have strategies for keeping your travel fun on track.

Fun Spoiler #1: Food Poisoning

Nothing ruins a good time like a bout of food poisoning. If you’re lucky, it’s only affecting one end. But all too often, food poisoning causes vomiting and diarrhea – and that can knock you out for a few days, ruining your trip. Foodborne diseases cause millions of illnesses every year. That’s not surprising as there are more than 200 pathogens that can cause them. (1)

Luckily, there’s a way to get a head of food poisoning, which is usually caused by food or water contaminated with pathogenic bacteria such as:

  • E. coli
  • Salmonella
  • Listeria
  • Campylobacter

Those bacteria enter your digestive system where they start to grow and multiply until the population is big enough to make you feel horrible.

Must-have strategy: Make sure your gut microbiome is full of a diverse population of beneficial probiotic bacteria. When your gut is in this healthy balance, there’s no room for pathogens to muscle their way in and take hold. (2) Plus, many probiotic bacteria have self-defense survival mechanisms that keep pathogens from gaining a foothold. (3) And while they’re defending themselves, they also defend you.

The best way to keep your gut microbiome healthy is with a proven spore probiotic. Spore probiotics – unlike other probiotics – can survive the high temperatures and highly acidic environment of your digestive tract. They arrive 100% alive in your gut, ready to get to work making space and a safe environment for a diverse population of beneficial probiotic bacteria.

healthy gut balance

Fun Spoiler #2: Having a Little Too Much Fun

You’ve been working hard and you want to make the absolute most of your vacation. And sometimes that means you end up overdoing it at the poolside bar. That can be a blast while you’re dancing and laughing and having fun… but feel horrible the next day. 

The hangover is only the tip of the iceberg, though. Alcohol can overwhelm your entire gastrointestinal (GI) system and create an inflammatory environment in your gut. (4) That can upset the intestinal lining – your gut barrier – that’s in place to keep pathogens, toxins, and food particles out of your bloodstream. 

Your gut barrier decides what’s allowed in and what’s denied access, sort of like a bloodstream bouncer. And when a little too much alcohol messes with the barrier, the wrong particles can sneak through and put your whole GI system and your overall health at risk. (5)

Must-have strategy: Proactively support your gut barrier so it can protect you from potential invaders. A strong, healthy gut barrier works alongside your immune system – but when it’s damaged, that all flies out the window making you more vulnerable to things like food poisoning. 

To make sure that doesn’t happen, you’ll want to supply your gut barrier with:

  • Citrus polyphenols that protect and preserve the gut barrier and help regulate a healthy inflammatory response (6)
  • Powerful antioxidants that help cells stay normal and healthy so they can function the way they’re supposed to
  • Four amino acids including L-proline, L-serine, L-cysteine, and L-threonine. (7) This quartet are building blocks for a substance called mucin-2, a protective mucus that coats the gut barrier to reinforce it. (8)

Keeping your gut barrier in good shape will make it less vulnerable to a couple of nights out on the town, so having that extra drink won’t feel like such a gut punch.

Fun Spoiler #3: Travel Stress 

Flight delays… calls from the pet sitter… noisy hotel neighbors… even the perfect vacation can be interrupted by real life stressors. Those can leave you feeling agitated, anxious, and on edge, making it harder than it already is to get enough sleep and relaxation. 

Must-have strategy: Pre-supply your body with the tools it needs to mount a balanced stress response and get a good night’s sleep. Stress can trap your body in a fight-or-flight response that doesn’t allow you to settle down all the way. Helping your body complete that response puts you into the rest and relaxation phase… so you can feel refreshed and revitalized and have the time of your life. 

This positive stress support comes from two surprising nutrients: vitamin K2 and vitamin D3. These vitamins work synergistically, unlocking extra benefits beyond supporting healthy bones and the cardiovascular system. (9) Vitamin D3 plays an important role in stress management (10) as well as falling asleep and feeling less sleepy during the day. Vitamin K2 helps promote a sense of calm and positive moods. (11) Better sleep plus better mood equals more happy memories for you.

travel stress

Fun Spoiler #4: Feeling Run Down

Between cramming more work into a busy schedule, or squeezing in all the to-dos into one day, sometimes, we knock ourselves out just getting to our time off. Then, when you’re finally on vacation, the crowds and travel can expose you to all sorts of things you’d rather avoid. And when you’re on vacation away from home, off your normal schedule, and missing out on solid sleep, your immune system may feel overworked and under-appreciated. 

Must-have strategy: The best way to avoid that “I need to stay in bed feeling” is to give your immune system extra support so it’s able to meet each day head on. A strong immune system is always your best defense, so keep it well-prepared with proven helpful players like:

  • Echinacea, the “go-to” wellness herb known for generations for keeping people vital and healthy. (12) It works by supporting the cells that identify and fight threats, (13) activating Natural Killer (NK) cells, (14) and encouraging proper immune responses. (15)
  • Zinc and selenium, the dynamic duo of minerals necessary for optimal immune system function. These two essential nutrients work to scavenge free radicals to keep immune cells healthy, help your immune system figure out the right actions to take against threats, (16) and support balanced immune responses. (17, 18)
  • Pomegranate polyphenols, unique compounds such as punicalagins not found anywhere else that offer high-level antioxidant protection and other immune system benefits. (19) Polyphenols activate important immune cells, (20) promote healthy inflammatory responses, (21) and support overall wellness.
  • Epicor®, a little-known but highly effective compound shown in 8 human clinical trials to support a healthy immune system and optimal digestive function.  (22, 23) It’s derived from a unique yeast called Saccharomyces cerevisiae and contains multiple supportive compounds including antioxidants, proteins, and peptides that work together to promote health and wellness.

Getting your immune system in stellar shape before you travel – and keeping it strong while you’re away – is your best chance to sidestep whatever nefarious thing you come in contact with.

Putting It All Together: Your Stay Healthy Travel Kit

You’ve been looking forward to your trip all year. It’s the break you need from work, traffic, bills… life. You need fun and relaxation and carefree excitement. What you don’t need is to get stuck in your hotel room, missing all the action. To make sure you can make the most of your summer travel, come prepared with your Just Thrive Stay Healthy Travel Kit 

Your Just Thrive Stay Healthy Travel Kit includes these 4 must-have supplements to keep you feeling great and having fun…

1. Just Thrive Probiotic, which contains four scientifically verified spore probiotics that work together synergistically to keep your gut microbiome in healthy balance and promote a diverse population of beneficial probiotic bacteria. Just Thrive Probiotic arrives 100% alive in your gut for maximum effectiveness, providing proven support for your gut microbiome in every circumstance.  
    2. Gut 4-tify, a formula designed to protect and fortify your gut barrier, which contains:
        • 4 key amino acids to create a protective layer of mucin2:
          • L-proline
          • L-serine
          • L-cysteine
          • L-threonine
        • A potent antioxidant blend that can defend the body against free radical damage, take care of unwanted microbes, and promote healthy bacterial diversity. 
        • A natural citrus polyphenol extract to support gut barrier function and a well-balanced gut microbiome.
                3. Vitamin K2-7 Plus D3, a powerful combination of two essential nutrients crucial to your health and wellness. These two vitamins have been long proven to offer superior benefits including healthy immune function, smooth moods, strong bones, sound sleep, and great energy. 
                  4. Immunity Plus, a must-have immune-supporting supplement packed with nurturing nutrients and botanicals. Each capsule of Immunity Plus contains:
                    • Echinacea, the classic favorite immune-supporting herb
                    • Pomanox® Pomegranate Extract, which contains 300% more polyphenols than red wine or green tea
                    • Zinc and Selenium, needed for proper immune system function and response
                    • Epicor®, shown in 8 human clinical trials to deliver significant support when you need it most

                    Don’t let bad luck ruin your summer travel plans. Be proactive and come prepared with your fully stocked Stay Healthy Travel Kit… because you can’t have the time of your life if you’re not feeling your best.

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