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Gut Health

Harness the Healing Power of Your Gut

When you’ve been injured or fallen ill, it probably felt like it took forever to heal.

Following your doctor’s instructions – taking medicine, doing physical therapy, resting – puts you on the path to getting better.

But unless you have the most important healing force on your side, your journey to “better” will likely take longer than it has to.

That’s another reason why keeping your gut microbiome in top shape is so important: The trillions of bacteria that live in your gut control your immune system.

So, if you want to heal faster you’ll need a well-balanced gut microbiome to do it.

Tap into your body’s natural healing center

Trillions of bacteria – good and bad – call your gut their home.

When the good bacteria (probiotics) outnumber the bad bacteria (pathogens), your gut microbiome works to keep you healthy… and to heal you as quickly as possible when something goes wrong. 

That’s because about 70% of your immune system is in your gut. Plus, your gut microbiome plays a huge part in immune system development.

Starting at birth, the good bacteria in your gut help “educate” your immune system, teaching it how to recognize friends and foes. They help your immune system develop a balanced response, so it doesn’t overreact (bringing on allergies and autoimmune conditions) or underreact (leaving you plagued by every bug that goes around).

When you’re sick or hurt, the probiotics in your gut microbiome spring into action. They signal your immune system when it’s time to either take action or let the system know when it’s okay to calm down. But those healing signals can get hijacked by bad bacteria when your gut microbiome is out of balance.

Gut Imbalances Slow Healing

When your gut falls into a state of dysbiosis, where pathogens outnumber probiotics, your immune system can work against you and make it take longer for you to heal.

And there are a lot of things that can knock your gut microbiome out of balance and into dysbiosis, such as poor diet or constant stress. Plus, many medications (yes, the ones your doctor prescribes when you’re not well) can cause dysbiosis:

When pathogens dominate your gut microbiome, they set off all kinds of alarm bells. Bad bacteria trigger inflammation, improper immune system reactions (both overreactions and under-reactions), and toxic streaming (link to JT post on toxic streaming here) (where toxins from your gut escape into your bloodstream to cause widespread damage).

That’s why it’s so important to beef up the probiotics in your gut microbiome while you’re healthy… and give them extra support when you’re not doing well. Because according to a dozen studies, your gut microbiome acts like your body’s own natural healing center – but only when it’s in healthy balance.

Your Gut Helps Heal Wounds and Fractures

You may be wondering how bacteria in your gut can help fix a broken bone – it sounds kind of crazy, but it’s true.

Your gut microbiome plays a key role in tissue repair, meaning it helps heal all kinds of wounds – internal and external. That includes:

  • Surgical incisions
  • Broken bones
  • Skin wounds
  • Intestinal ulcers (open wounds inside the gut)

Probiotics work their magic in several ways, including killing off pathogens, stimulating special cells (called fibroblasts) that repair damaged tissue, and activating super-healing immune system cells. New research shows that probiotic bacteria also help bones remodel, basically getting rid of damaged bone tissue and replacing it with healthy new bone tissue. 

How Your Gut Conquers Illness

The gut microbiome plays an oversized role in your health.

When your gut is in good balance, your immune system works at its best. Probiotics keep inflammation under control, kill off pathogens, and let your immune system know when a true threat arrives so it can go on the attack. 

A healthy microbiome may help prevent or reduce the duration of illnesses including:

One reason your gut microbiome is such a disease-fighting superstar: It actually creates “medicine,” compounds that kill off pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and funguses. Your gut does such a good job of this that researchers are beginning to look there to develop new drugs. 

And while you might be mainly thinking that your gut would only impact illnesses like viruses and bacterial infections (like strep throat) here, probiotic bacteria also improve outcomes for conditions like cancer and heart disease. Turns out a healthy gut microbiome can help the heart repair itself after a heart attack and protect the heart from additional damage – and possibly improve patient survival.  On top of that, research shows that a healthy microbiome offers protection against cancer, and seems to improve outcomes for patients with cancer.

Your Microbiome Manages Medicine

Along with supporting a strong immune system, your gut microbiome helps your body cope with injury and illness in another very important way: It helps break down medications so your body can use them.

Beneficial bacteria in your gut help improve drug effectiveness while minimizing drug toxicity – a fine line that can mean the difference between a medication working or making you feel sicker. Scientists are currently studying ways to reshape the gut microbiome to make drugs work more effectively. 

An incredible new study showed that specific probiotics in the microbiome could change the way medications work. Scientists looked at how well 76 different human gut bacteria broke down and transformed 271 oral medications (the kind you swallow). The results: At least one of the bacteria tested affected 176 of those drugs, many more than the researchers had expected. Scientists now believe that reshaping a patient’s gut microbiome could lead to better outcomes than changing their medication.

Gut Bacteria Change Chemotherapy Outcomes

The latest research shows that the gut microbiome affects how well chemotherapies work for cancer patients. A well-balanced microbiome can: 

  • Increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy
  • Minimize the treatment’s toxicity
  • Improve patient’s treatment tolerance
  • Reduce the side effects of chemotherapy

Though this is a fairly new area of research, results are starting to pile up. And, so far, the majority point to a balanced gut microbiome being a critical part of cancer patient survival.

Strengthen Your Body’s Healing Center with Spore Probiotics

For a powerfully protective immune system, you need a well-balanced microbiome packed with beneficial bacteria. And the best way to balance your gut microbiome is with spore probiotics.

Spore probiotics have superior survival skills, ensuring that they’ll arrive at the gut microbiome alive and ready to work. Once they get to the microbiome, spore probiotics:

  • Get rid of pathogens
  • Colonize in the gut
  • Support the growth and survival of a wide range of beneficial bacteria
  • Produce healing compounds, including potent antioxidants and a wide range of essential nutrients
  • Help beneficial bacteria flourish and multiply

The four clinically proven spore probiotics in Just Thrive help re-establish and maintain a healthy microbiome, even during treatment with medications (like antibiotics) that would normally cause dysbiosis. 

Balance your gut microbiome and supercharge your body’s healing power with Just Thrive Probiotics today.

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