“It’s Alive!” Coconut Yogurt

Guest recipe and blog by Ella Henry @glowwithella

Coconut yogurt is the holy grail of probiotic foods in my opinion… It is delicious, it is versatile (can be used in both sweet & savory dishes), but it can be quite expensive when you buy at the store. Also, most of the time the store bought probiotics are actually dead when they end up in your fridge - so what’s even the point? This is what led me to want to make a homemade version, and it is quite easy and rewarding!

The best part about making it homemade is that I get to use Just Thrive spore-based Probiotic, which is amazing because it actually survives the trip to your gut. Probiotics also work even better when they are paired with a prebiotic, which helps feed those good gut bugs so they flourish and thrive. Coconut is a natural prebiotic - so this is the perfect synbiotic dish for any occasion. 

I love to have a scoop of yogurt in the morning on an empty stomach, make a big loaded coconut yogurt bowl for breakfast with tons of toppings, make a papaya boat, or even use the yogurt in place of sour cream on savory dishes! For this recipe, I made a vanilla bean coconut yogurt, but you can really make any flavor you’d like, this is totally customizable. 

So enjoy the deliciousness while your gut and body thank you. 

“It’s Alive!” Coconut Yogurt

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 48 hours
Total time: 2 days - 1 week
Course: Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner!
Diet: Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free
Servings: 4


*Avoid using metal as this may interact with the fermentation*


  1. Pour Coconut Cream and Milk through a mesh strainer
  2. Open up and mix in your probiotic capsules & optional other ingredients with a whisk
  3. Grab a clean and sanitized jar and fill it up with the mixture 
  4. Top with a paper towel or cheese cloth and a rubber band and place in a warm dry area in your house for 48 hours
  5. After 48 hours transfer to the fridge and seal tightly 
  6. The longer you keep it in the fridge the more sour & “yogurt-y” it will get. After 24 hours in the fridge mine still tasted slightly sweet - but after a week it tastes like full on yogurt! 
  7. Open & enjoy the creamy deliciousness!!

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Love, Ella 

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