Immune Health

Give Yourself an Immunity Makeover

For the past few years, your immune system has been working overtime to keep you safe. It’s been exposed to new and constantly changing threats – with no idea of what’s to come. 

Naturally, you want to be able to rely on your immune system when you need it most, but how can you make sure it’s got everything it needs to thrive?

In this article, we’ll be detailing exactly what you can do to step up your self-care and give your body an “immunity makeover.”

See below for 7 proven, natural ways to give your immune system all the love and support it needs.

Immune Makeover #1: Power Up With Protective Polyphenols

Nature supplies abundant protection in the form of polyphenols – bioactive plant compounds that offer targeted immune system support. All plants – especially fruits and vegetables – contain their own blend of these potent natural chemicals, which include quercetin and resveratrol.

Polyphenols help your immune system in several key ways including:

When you’re looking for high-level polyphenol protection, you’ll find it in pomegranates. These bright red fruits contain unique compounds – called punicalagins – that you can’t find anywhere else. Punicalagins offer next level antioxidant and wellness support, making pomegranate polyphenols the perfect choice to start your immunity makeover.

pomegranates, citrus fruits

Immune Makeover #2: Handpick Some Historic, Healing Herbs

When it comes to herbal immune support, echinacea comes in at the top of everyone’s list. Traditional natural practitioners have relied on echinacea for centuries to keep people abundantly healthy. This familiar herb is packed with potent polyphenols and dozens of other immune-friendly compounds. Those powerful plant chemicals allow echinacea to encourage your optimal immune health in several ways such as:

If you’re looking for clinically demonstrated herbal support for your immune system and total body wellness, it’s hard to top the historic strength of echinacea.

Immune Makeover #3: Pick a Peck of Immune-Nourishing Foods

Your immune system relies on a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to function at its peak. So when you’re thinking about what to eat, go for nutrient-dense foods that offer high levels of stay-well essentials. 

Some of the best foods to nourish your immune system include:

  • Citrus fruits
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Green tea
  • Kiwis
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Honey

At the same time, try to avoid processed foods and refined sugars. These immune robbers can thwart your body’s ability to keep you healthy.

Immune Makeover #4: Call On The Two Immune-Essential Minerals

You hear a lot about vitamins, especially C and D, to boost immunity. But optimal immune system function actually depends on two key minerals: zinc and selenium. 

Science has shown that your immune system cannot fight the good fight without ample supplies of these essential minerals. Unfortunately, millions of people have low zinc levels… and up to a billion people are selenium deficient.

On top of that, the many daily threats we all face can drain your zinc and selenium supplies, making you even more vulnerable to whatever’s going around. 

So how exactly do these two minerals affect your immune system? 

Bottom line: If you want to feel confident and protected, you need to include daily doses of zinc and selenium in your daily, stay-well regimen.


Immune Makeover #5: Benefit from Better Beneficial Microbes

Surprising but true: Your most important immune resource is your gut microbiome, the trillions of bacteria housed in your gut. That’s partly because your gut contains up to 80% of your immune system. And, you may be surprised to know that your immune system relies on beneficial probiotic gut bacteria to tell it what to do. 

Probiotic bacteria train and manage your immune system to function properly. As part of that training program, probiotic bacteria actually teach your immune system how to recognize and handle all kinds of threats. They also support balanced immune responses, helping to ensure there’s no under-reaction (too weak and ineffective) or overreaction (too strong, causing more harm than good).

But crucial immune support is only one of the ways probiotics help you stay well every day. So what else do probiotics do to keep you healthy?

For a full immunity makeover, it’s best to give your gut what it needs to thrive. We recommend supplying your gut with clinically studied spore probiotics – the only kind of probiotic that arrives in your gut 100% alive and effective.

Immune Makeover #6: Enjoy Some Epic Epicor® Effectiveness

You probably haven’t heard of Epicor, but it will be a key player on your immunity dream team. This uber unique, fermented whole food supplement comes from a specialized yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which goes through special fermentation and drying processes that makes it rich in beta glucan polysaccharides and other health-supporting nutrients. 

Epicor also contains dozens of immune-supporting compounds such as antioxidants, polyphenols, proteins, and peptides that work together to keep you abundantly healthy.

And years of research highlight its effectiveness.  Epicor has been the subject of 15 scientific studies, including 8 human clinical trials – all demonstrating its ability to impressively support a healthy gut and digestion, encourage a robust immune system, and promote peak health.

Immune Makeover #7: Don’t Forget Your Antibody Backup Plan

When your body senses a threat, your immune system immediately mobilizes its first-line defenders, known as antibodies (otherwise known as immunoglobulins). The most important soldiers are specialized antibodies called IgG (Immunoglobulin G). They’re so important that they make up almost 80% of the total threat-fighters in your body.

Any time your IgG antibodies come across something with ill intent, they immediately go on the attack. They work quickly to bind to the enemy, neutralize it, and remove it from your body so it can’t cause any harm. IgG also lets your immune system know when not to attack, which is equally as important – This helps prevent overreactions that can result in your immune system turning its sights on YOU.

It’s always a smart idea to have plenty of IgG fighters on hand… but sometimes your body just can’t keep up. Every army needs reinforcements – and that includes your immune system. To make sure your body’s own IgG supplies don’t run low, you can send in backup with clinically proven immunoglobulin supplements.

Give Yourself an Immunity Makeover with Just Thrive

You count on your immune system to keep you healthy… But it counts on you for support too. Give your immune system extra love and care with targeted, clinically proven support. 

A perfect immunity makeover kit includes:

Just Thrive Immunity Plus: A must-have supplement packed with supportive nutrients and botanicals. Each capsule of Immunity Plus contains:

  • Zinc, needed for proper immune system function and response
  • Selenium, a powerful antioxidant that keeps your immune system going strong
  • Echinacea, the classic favorite immune-supporting herb
  • Pomanox® Pomegranate Extract, which contains 300% more polyphenols than red wine or green tea
  • Epicor®, shown in 8 human clinical trials to deliver significant support when you need it most

Just Thrive Probiotic: Contains four scientifically-verified spore probiotics that work together synergistically to keep your gut microbiome in healthy balance and offer superior immune system support. Just Thrive Probiotic encourages optimal immune function and balanced, healthy immune responses.

Just Thrive Ultimate IgG: A ground-breaking antibody supplement that supports your immune system with a fresh, healthy daily supply of your most important first responders: IgG.  

Give yourself the gift of wellness with a Just Thrive immunity makeover today.