Gut Health

Caved Into Cravings? Indulged a little too much last night?

Your new “in case of emergency, break glass” crew can help.

You normally eat a healthy diet and take great care of yourself. But sometimes you just need to let loose.

Maybe you had a few drinks. Maybe you indulged in rich sugary foods at a party. Or maybe you went a little crazy on the snacks…

And now you and your gut are paying the price.

It’s not fair, but it doesn’t take much to send your gut into a tailspin.

Luckily, it’s just as easy to get it back on track and avoid the next round of discomfort.

Your Gut Hates Hangovers

Alcohol can take a toll on your gut microbiome, the trillions of bacteria that live in your gut. In a healthy microbiome, beneficial probiotic bacteria greatly outnumber harmful pathogens and contribute to your overall wellness and vitality. Even occasional alcohol—especially if you have one (or a few) too many—can knock your gut out of balance, a condition called dysbiosis.[1]

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Drinking has also been connected to leaky gut, a condition where bad bacteria and their byproducts can get through your protective gut barrier and cause all sorts of problems. Research shows that alcohol and the compounds created as your body breaks it down (called metabolites) can “overwhelm your gastrointestinal tract” and cause intestinal inflammation.[2]

All of that can lead to you feeling awful after a night on the town. When your gut can’t cope, you could end up with:

But when your gut is ready to take on anything, those symptoms may be minimal… if they happen at all.

Snack Foods Can Unbalance Your Gut

There’s a reason we crave sugary, salty, fatty snack foods. They trigger the brain’s happy, comfort, reward chemicals, so we want to keep eating them. Many of these delicious treats come in the form of processed and ultra-processed foods that can have a negative effect on the gut microbiome.[3] Research shows that pizza and processed meats, for example, increase levels of harmful gut bacteria.[4] That, in turn, weakens the gut barrier and launches leaky gut symptoms.

And it doesn’t take much to put that unhealthy spiral into motion. One study found that a single fast food meal can change the composition of your gut microbiome toward dysbiosis.[5] Others show that processed foods cause intestinal inflammation and gut barrier permeability, the perfect storm for leaky gut.[6,7]

Does this mean you can never grab a slice of pizza and a beer?

Not at all! It just means that you need to keep your gut prepared to handle these occasional bumps in the road. That way, when a party invite pops up or a craving really needs to be satisfied, your gut is ready and able to bounce back quickly without lasting effects.

Proactive Care Keeps Your Gut Healthy and Comfortable

When your gut is in good shape, with a well-balanced gut microbiome, it’s easier to handle bumps in the road… or at least minimize the effects. A healthy gut bounces back more quickly from setbacks and doesn’t fall quite as far after indulgences.

Keeping your gut microbiome well-balanced and your gut barrier strong takes just a little bit of effort. All you need to do is supply what they need to keep themselves healthy and functioning properly:

  • Probiotics to replenish beneficial bacteria and crowd out harmful pathogens.[8] Plus, research shows that probiotics, known for their ability to support a strong gut barrier and healthy inflammatory responses, may help positively impact hangovers.[9]
  • Immunoglobulins (IgG) to help your immune system manage toxins and pathogens and keep your gut safe and healthy.[10] Studies show that serum-derived bovine immunoglobulins support beneficial gut bacteria for whole-body health benefits.[11]
  • Four amino acids to help build up a strong gut barrier, specifically L-proline, L-serine, L-cysteine, and L-threonine.[12]
  • Powerful antioxidants to protect against free radicals that cause damage to the gut barrier.[13]
  • Citrus polyphenols to protect and nourish your gut barrier. [14]

You don’t want to wait for a gut emergency to strike before you give your gut some positive attention. Keep your gut ready to smoothly navigate bumps in the road so you can feel healthy and comfortable every day. When you supply your gut with this daily support, it will be ready to take on challenges more easily, keeping you more comfortable even if you give in to a craving or two.

Keep Your Gut Ready with the Just Thrive “Break Glass” Crew

You can easily supply all the support your gut barrier and microbiome need to stay healthy, balanced, and strong. That way when you have the occasional night out or craving cave-in it won’t throw you off track.

Your Just Thrive “Break Glass” Crew includes:

Just Thrive Probiotic & Antioxidant contains four clinically proven spore probiotic strains, including superstar Bacillus indicus HU36™. This unique probiotic produces powerful antioxidants right in your gut for maximum absorption.

Ultimate IgG, a source of plentiful serum-derived bovine immunoglobulins, to bolster your body’s own natural first responders and keep your gut in top health.

Gut 4-tify supplies just what it takes to keep your gut barrier strong and healthy:

  • Amino acids L-proline, L-serine, L-cysteine, and L-threonine
  • A powerful antioxidant blend that can help keep free radicals under control
  • A natural citrus polyphenol extract that supports optimal gut barrier function

This trio of proactive gut protectors will help your gut weather occasional food and drink storms.

Plus, you’ll feel great knowing EVERY Just Thrive purchase is covered by our Bottom of the Bottle, 100% money back guarantee.

So you can try Just Thrive Probiotic & Antioxidant, Ultimate IgG, and Gut 4-tify to see if they work for you… and we’re confident they will.

But if for any reason you don’t feel a difference, simply ask for a full product refund. Any time. Even if it’s been 3 months… or 3 years. Even if the bottle is empty! You’ll get your money back at any time if you’re not fully satisfied.

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