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5 Ways Polyphenols Strengthen Your Immunity

You rely on your immune system for 24/7 protection… now more than ever before! But did you know that your immune system also relies on YOU for support?

It’s true…

Your immune system can’t keep you safe from everything going around unless you provide the proper support it needs to function at its best.

You want your immune system to be flexible… resilient… strong… and balanced.

You don’t want it to sleep on the job or go into hyper-reactive mode.

Under ideal conditions, your immune system is able to pay attention and respond the right way whenever something threatens to take you down. 

Luckily, if you know where to look, nature supplies all the ingredients you need to nourish and support your best immune system. 

Polyphenols are a great example of one of the many naturally occurring, plant-based immune supporters that has the amazing ability to help you stay fit and healthy (and  your gut loves them too)! 

Read on to find out what makes Polyphenols an indispensable part of your abundant wellness and vitality regimen. 

What Are Polyphenols?

You may have been hearing a lot about polyphenols lately… and for good reason. (They’re so hot right now!) 

These healing, bioactive plant compounds – and there are more than 8,000 of them! – deliver amazing benefits to your immune system and help keep it in top shape.

Virtually all plant foods contain polyphenols, though every plant contains a different mix and/or amount. Known as “phytochemicals” (compounds that help plants thwart competitors, predators, or pathogens), it’s polyphenols that give plants their rich color.

Some polyphenols you may be familiar with include: 

  • Resveratrol
  • Quercetin
  • Curcumin
  • Anthocyanins
  • Catcechins
  • Lignans

Polyphenols are found abundantly in foods such as fruits and vegetables. Well-known sources of polyphenols include red wine, green tea, dark chocolate, and pomegranates… And polyphenols are also found in healing herbs like echinacea. 

But no matter where you find them, all polyphenols offer solid immune system support

5 Immune-Boosting Benefits of Polyphenols

When you consume plants with polyphenols, you reap all the immune-supporting benefits. Polyphenols deliver a wealth of health advantages, but among the most important are the five ways they increase your resilience: 

  1. Polyphenols activate the key immune cells necessary to help your body fight off attacks 
  2. Polyphenols provide antioxidant protection that neutralize free radicals and minimize oxidative stress 
  3. Polyphenols increase populations of beneficial gut bacteria to optimize immune response and function 
  4. Polyphenols promote healthy inflammatory responses 
  5. Polyphenols deliver strong antimicrobial activity against infectious pathogens. 

Polyphenols supply the support your immune system needs to keep you healthy and strong no matter what’s going around. 

No wonder these powerful plant compounds have been revered by healers for thousands of years!

The Extra Special Power of Pomegranate Polyphenols

Pomegranates are especially rich in polyphenols, including a special polyphenol type – “punicalagins” – that can’t be found anywhere else. Though many folks associate pomegranates with heart health – and rightly so – the polyphenols specific to this brilliant ruby-colored fruit can do so much more.

Pomegranates polyphenols supply superior antioxidant protection to prevent cell damage caused by oxidative stress that can interfere with healthy immune function. Highly bioactive pomegranate polyphenols have also been shown in scientific studies to:

It’s no wonder pomegranates rank among the healthiest foods on earth.

Echinacea Delivers A Bounty Of Powerful Polyphenols

When it comes to immune-boosting herbs, echinacea takes the prize. Packed with polyphenols such as caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid, echinacea supports immune system function in several important ways.

Scientific studies show that echinacea:

With all of the happy-body benefits above, you can see why millions of people rely on echinacea to keep them healthy year round! 

How To Easily Harness the Power of Polyphenols 

A strong and resilient immune system is always in season. That’s why Just Thrive developed Immunity Plus – our polyphenol-powered immune support formula. 

It includes 5 targeted, clinically proven ingredients that help keep your immune system “at-the-ready”:

  • Pomanox® Pomegranate Extract, which contains 300% more polyphenols than red wine or green tea
  • Echinacea, the world’s most widely recognized immune-supportive herb
  • Selenium, a powerful antioxidant that encourages a healthy immune response and regulates oxidative stress
  • Zinc, which is crucial for proper immune system function and response
  • Epicor®, shown in 8 human clinical trials to support your best digestive function and a immune health

Take charge of your wellness with Just Thrive Immunity Plus

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