Gut Health

A Love Letter to My Pup’s Gut

I take Elle’s health very seriously. Especially now at 11 years old. She loves going on walks that are two miles (walking one, carried the other 😉.) I don’t mind the carrying because I want her to get the exercise and stimulation she needs to be happy.

But being healthy doesn’t just include exercise. It also includes making sure that Elle is supported inside and out.

That’s why everyday I put @justthrivehealth Just Pets Probiotic in Elle’s food... Here’s why: 

We all know Frenchie’s stomachs can be sensitive. Just Pets is all an natural, spore-based probiotic that’s gentle enough on Elle’s stomach yet resilient enough to survive the harsh stomach acids to arrive fully alive in Elle’s gut.

Most probiotics fall apart well before reaching the intestines, making them all but ineffective at crowding out the harmful pathogens that result in GI trouble like gas and diarrhea.

Just Pets Probiotic can also help Elle get that stunning and shiny blank panther coat, And – It does a wonderful job of supporting her joints (which we need to keep us going on those long walks.)  

And as for the defatted beef flavor... Elle gives it two enthusiastic paws up! 


The Power of The Canine Microbiome

In the same way that your overall health is linked to the bacterial balance of your gut, dogs of all breeds and sizes can greatly benefit from a healthy microbiome (the millions of bacteria that reside in the gut). 

With over 70% of your dog’s immune response residing in their intestines, Just Thrive’s Just Pets Probiotic will create a happy gut that can profoundly influence both how your pooch feels AND how they behave.

In contrast to antibiotics, Just Thrive pet probiotic will work with your pup’s immune system to support optimal function. In fact, research highlights that a dog probiotic like Just Pets Probiotic can be effective, safe, and more cost-effective than many conventional treatments.


Why We Decided To Just Thrive

If you follow us you likely know – we turn down most brand collaborations. In fact, we get pitched OFTEN to associate with all sorts of different products on the market.

Years ago, I made the decision to only work with brands that align with our value and actually work! Just Thrive does all that and more.

Thank you Just Thrive for making such an excellent probiotic.

With Love,

Colleen and Elle the Frenchie