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Toxic Streaming: Triggers Weight Gain, Gas, Bloating, Fatigue & Much More...

Toxic Streaming Triggers Weight Gain, Gas, Bloating, Fatigue, … and so much more! And only spore probiotics can stop toxic streaming at the source. 

You’ve probably never heard of toxic streaming… but it could very well be the culprit behind your most frustrating, lingering health problems from unexplained weight gain to mysteriously itchy skin to annoying brain fog to embarrassing gas and bloating. Toxic streaming can sneak up on you, gradually making you feel just a tiny bit worse and a little more uncomfortable every day, until its effects become impossible to ignore. 

And even if you’re a health hero – eating a good diet, exercising regularly, managing stress – toxic streaming could still pose a threat. In fact, it’s probably the reason you don’t feel perfectly healthy even though you’re doing everything right! That’s because it doesn’t take much to trigger toxic streaming…

That’s because any of these can lead to gut disruption… setting the stage for toxic streaming.


Toxic Streaming Hurts Millions of People (They Just Don’t Know It)

Chances are, you’re one of the millions of people plagued by toxic streaming, a hidden condition that could be responsible for dozens of seemingly unrelated health issues, like

  • bloating
  • gas attacks
  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • stubborn belly fat
  • itchy, blotchy skin
  • brain fog
  • trouble sleeping
  • insulin resistance

That’s what makes toxic streaming so hard to pin down – it seems like these symptoms would be brought on by a bunch of different things. But they all come from the same hidden source: toxins called lipopolysaccharides – LPS Toxins – that kick off the tsunami of toxic streaming when they make their way into your blood.


The LPS Toxin Invasion Starts in Your Gut

LPS toxins are virtually unavoidable. They’re part of the outer membrane structure of certain natural gut bacteria, and remain pretty harmless while they’re still attached. But when those bad bacteria die off, their cell membranes break down, and LPS toxins break free.

Now, under healthy gut conditions – where good gut bacteria outnumber bad gut bacteria – those LPS toxins just roam around until your body eliminates them. But when the bacteria in your gut are out of balance and bad LPS-producing bacteria run rampant, they cause damage to the tight junctions of your intestinal wall – your body’s number 1 defense strategy for keeping toxins, pathogens, and food particles safely inside your gut and out of your bloodstream.

 LPS toxins attack those tight junctions to weaken your defense system and create gaps in the intestinal wall, causing leaky gut (also called intestinal permeability). Then those LPS toxins take advantage of the problem to escape into the bloodstream, where they cause toxic streaming… and system-wide problems.



LPS Toxins Trigger Inflammation

Once LPS toxins make their way into your blood, they set off a red alert immune response. That activates special immune cells, triggering inflammation – your body’s normal reaction to a threat that calms down once the threat disappears. But since LPS toxins are constant invaders, your immune system never gets the calm-down signal, so your body keeps the inflammation going all the time. [resource]

That toxic streaming can invade any and every organ in your body. In fact, when scientists want to cause disease conditions in lab animals, they often inject them with LPS toxins! [resource] And even a single LPS toxin injection (in mice) can cause elevated inflammation levels throughout the body and the brain for up to 10 months. [resource]

Just how bad can it get? Scientists (using animal models) have discovered links between toxic streaming and:

As frightening as that is, there is a way to stop toxic streaming in its tracks, and protect yourself against even its most harmful consequences.

And the solution starts in your gut.


Is Your Probiotic Strong Enough to Stop Toxic Streaming?

Your gut microbiome – the trillions of bacteria that live in your digestive tract – contains good and bad bacteria. When its healthy, the good bacteria greatly outnumber the bad, and keep those bad bacteria from even starting the toxic streaming cycle.

But when your gut is out of balance, and bad bacteria take over, then LPS toxins and inflammation attack your intestinal wall… create leaky gut… and set off toxic streaming and all the damage it brings.

Rebalancing your microbiome, supplying it with plenty of good bacteria – also called probiotics – can turn the tide in your favor. The problem: most commercial probiotics don’t ever reach .your intestines… and that’s where the LPS-producing bad bacteria are. 

But there is one cutting edge blend of spore probiotics proven to foil LPS toxins and prevent toxic streaming.



Fix Toxic Streaming with Spore Probiotics

To combat LPS toxins and toxic streaming, you need a probiotic army that can go the distance… and that means recruiting the toughest spore probiotics, particularly a blend of four strains that’s proven to fix this very problem.

In a groundbreaking clinical trial, researchers found healthy, symptom-free people whose LPS toxin levels jumped 500% after eating a meal… the exact pathway toxic streaming follows.

The researchers wanted to test the effectiveness of a unique spore probiotic blend and its ability to counteract toxic streaming. So they split the subjects into two groups: one group got the spore probiotic, the other group got a placebo. And the results were stunning…

People in the spore probiotic group had a 42% reduction in LPS toxins after eating…

While the people in the placebo group suffered a 36% increase in LPS toxins.

Not only that, the lucky people in the spore probiotic group also saw:

  • 24% reduction in triglycerides (fats linked with cardiovascular issues)
  • significant decreases in inflammatory compounds
  • 18% lower ghrelin levels (a hormone that increases appetite and promotes fat storage)

Based on their findings, the researchers concluded that this amazing spore probiotic could reduce signs of leaky gut syndrome… the only way to put an end to toxic streaming.



The Spore Probiotic Blend That Repaired Leaky Gut

That special combination of spore probiotics – the one that reduced LPS toxins by 42% – can only be found in Just Thrive, a cutting edge blend of four proven, powerful soldiers in the fight against toxic streaming. 

Bacillus clausii is the only strain of probiotic known to resist damage from a variety of common antibiotics. That means the bad bacteria that release LPS toxins to trigger toxic streaming can’t take over your microbiome even if you need a course of antibiotics.

Bacillus subtilis HU58 produces at least 12 defensive compounds that take down harmful bacteria so they can’t overwhelm your system with LPS toxins.

Bacillus indicus HU36 has a unique ability to produce potent antioxidants right in your digestive tract – where you body can really use them – that can stop toxic by-products from damaging your cells.

Bacillus coagulans is the supreme gut defender, reducing uncomfortable (and sometimes embarrassing) issues like diarrhea, gas, bloating, and abdominal pain.

Together, these four spore probiotics protect you against the damaging effects of rampaging LPS toxins… and the toxic streaming that affects every organ in your body. Simply taking one capsule of Just Thrive every day can restore the shield that keeps LPS toxins in your gut (where they belong) and out of your bloodstream (where they wreak havoc). 

Try Just Thrive to feel your best today and every day!