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8 Signs Your Health Problems Are Caused By a Leaky Gut

Did you know that 4.2 billion prescriptions were written for Americans in 2011? These figures are probably much higher in recent years due to rising health issues caused by poor diet, a lack of exercise, and other unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Leaky gut is a common condition that usually never gets diagnosed by a doctor. The signs of a leaky gut can often be confused with other health problems. If you don't treat the source of your leaky gut, then your symptoms will never go away.

This article is going to walk you through 10 symptoms of leaky gut that you shouldn't ignore and how you can cure your problems with a leaky gut diet.

So What Is Leaky Gut Exactly?

Leaky gut occurs when the walls of your small intestine are damaged, allowing food particles and toxins to leak outside of the digestive tract, into the bloodstream, where they don't belong. Leaky gut can cause many symptoms that you wouldn't necessarily think were traced back to your digestive health, which is why it can be difficult to diagnose.

Understanding the Signs of a Leaky Gut

Since doctors have a difficult time diagnosing leaky gut, your health may fall into your own hands. If you experience any of the following symptoms, making mindful, healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle can have you thriving again.

1. Abdominal Discomfort

If you feel bloated, nauseous, gassy, or have constipation or diarrhea, your digestive system is asking for help. Everyone can get a stomachache after they eat something fatty or spicy. However, if your abdominal pains occur often after you eat any kind of food, you may need leaky gut treatment.

2. Food Allergies

An overworked immune system caused by a leaky gut can put you at risk for developing food allergies. Food sensitivities and food allergies are almost always a sign that you have a leaky gut. The most common intolerances are dairy and gluten.

3. Autoimmune Disorders

When foreign bodies are introduced to the body, our immune systems attack and neutralize the threat.

When food leaks from the intestines, the body senses an “invader.”  A continued state of alarm, caused by leaking toxins, can confuse the body into attacking itself.

If you suffer from Crohn's, Lupus, arthritis, Celiac, or other autoimmune diseases, it’s almost certain that you have a leaky gut. 

4. Brain Fog

When the body is losing valuable resources from a leaky gut, mental clarity can be affected. Brain fog, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, and headaches can all stem from a leaky gut.

5. Chronic Fatigue

If your fatigue doesn't match the amount of sleep you're getting each night, something could be happening inside your gut.

6. Poor Immune Health

Our bodies need a “Recommended Daily Allowance” dose of vitamins to fight off illnesses, allergies and more. If you get sick often, your immune system has likely been compromised, and a solution might just start with healing your gut.

As it turns out, intestinal health is strongly linked to immune system health. When your digestive systems suffer, your immune system weakens, too.

7. Skin Issues

Your skin is your largest organ. It's also the only external organ. Monitoring your skin health is also a great indicator of how healthy your internal organs are.

If you suffer from acne, psoriasis, or eczema, that’s a sign that you have an issue with you gut.

8. Joint Pain

Leaky gut can create inflammation in the body, specifically effecting the joints. When leaking toxins extend to the joints, arthritis – among other ailments - can develop. Keeping your body in a constant inflammatory state will wreak havoc on your physical and mental wellbeing.

How to Heal Leaky Gut Naturally

Although a leaky gut can make you feel miserable, there are plenty of natural treatments you can try. Many doctors would choose to prescribe antibiotics to treat these symptoms, which actually make your leaky gut worse.

Probiotics contain friendly, good-for-your-body bacteria that have been shown to improve the health of not only your gut microbiome, but your whole body health. Try taking a probiotic daily to see if your symptoms disappear.

Changing your diet can also work wonders for your gut health. Following an elimination diet can help you determine if you have certain food sensitivities or allergies that trigger your symptoms. If your symptoms are alleviated after eliminating certain foods like gluten, soy, meat, or dairy, you may want to consider permanently removing them from your diet for best results.

Increasing your intake of anti-inflammatory herbs like turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon can give you relief from joint pain and stomachaches. Eating plenty of fiber and drinking enough water will make your gut's job much easier. Avoiding refined sugars will also improve your digestive health.

Ready to Revitalize Your Health?

Now that you know the signs of a leaky gut that you need to watch out for, you can be more in control of your health. Just Thrive is here to help you on your journey to wellness. Our probiotics have been scientifically proven to begin healing leaky guts and other health problems.

If you have any questions about how our products can revolutionize your health, please contact us.