Gut Health

Probiotics 101: The Truth About What’s Going on in Your Gut

The human gastrointestinal (GI) tract is home to trillions of bacteria – some good, some bad. In fact, there are about ten times more of them then all the cells of your body!

These bacteria form a diverse and complex inner world where there are constant battles for control. When your GI tract is in good balance, probiotics (beneficial bacteria) outnumber the bad, and help keep you healthy in several key ways. But when there’s an imbalance, and the bad bacteria take over, it can lead to all sorts of negative effects, from unwanted weight gain to GI discomfort to bad moods.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that disrupt the balance in favor of the bad guys, helping them multiply and take over. Factors that lead to an unhealthy imbalance include:

  • Poor diet,
  • Stress,
  • Antibiotics,
  • Other medications, and
  • Environmental toxins.

When an imbalance happens, and the bad guys gain control, you’ll feel the difference – and it won’t feel good

But you can get things back in balance, and help the beneficial bacteria thrive so they can do their jobs.


Probiotics Keep You Alive and Kicking

“For life.” That’s what the word probiotic means, and it’s a fitting name as these beneficial microorganisms are crucial for optimal health and longevity. 

Different strains of these helpful organisms normally live in the GI tract, working together to keep every cell in your body in good working order. 

Beneficial bacteria perform more functions than most people realize, including improving conditions well beyond the gut. Here are just some of the things that they do for you: 

  • Digest food and absorb nutrients
  • Produce vitamins and other vital nutrients
  • Destroy disease-causing microbes
  • Stabilize intestinal barriers to ward off undesirable invaders
  • Stimulate healthy immune function
  • Improve digestion
  • Support regular elimination
  • Promote clear, healthy skin
  • Boost mood and brainpower

Supplementing with the right probiotics can rebalance your gut bacteria and restore a healthy GI environment.

The problem: Most probiotic foods and supplements don’t supply beneficial bacteria that survive all the way through your digestive tract and arrive alive to your intestines, where your body can put them to work.

And that’s where spore-form probiotics make all the difference. Unlike the most commonly known and used probiotic strains – the ones listed on yogurt labels and found in top-selling supplements – these especially hearty microbes can survive anything man and nature throw at them.

Most commercially available probiotics die before you ever get a chance to take them – and those that do make it that far can be killed off by stomach acid, bile, and body heat.

But spore probiotics, like the four proven strains found in Just Thrive Probiotic arrive in your gut alive, strong, and ready to go to work.


The Power of Probiotic Spores

As you can imagine, probiotics that are DOA in your GI tract offer no benefits, no matter how many billions of them your supplement supplies. That’s the beauty of spore-form probiotics: They come with a sort of protective shield that keeps them safe until they’re ready to spring into action.  

These spores act sort of like the seeds you’d plant in your garden. They exist in a sort of dormant state (like hibernation) until the environment is just right for them to wake up, grow, and colonize. As soon as they hit your stomach acid, these spore-form probiotics start to stir. They absorb water, and start to produce little shoots that begin to transform into full-fledged beneficial bacteria. As they hit the small intestine, they begin to multiply and move to areas (like the intestinal wall) where they can colonize.

This process sets off a sort of revitalization in your gut, where these and other beneficial bacteria thrive, making it much harder for any bad bacteria to gain a foothold. 

It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Spore-form probiotics are the kind nature intended us to take. You see, we used to eat dirt. It was on the fruits and vegetables we’d pick from plants… it got on our hands… and it made its way into our guts. And along with that dirt came the spore-form probiotics that naturally existed in soil. But then we started washing and sanitizing our hands and our food, and we lost our natural source of beneficial spore bacteria.

But there is a very easy way to bring back those naturally superior probiotics, restore the right balance in your gut, and revitalize your GI and overall health.

Simply add Just Thrive Probiotic to your daily routine, and reap all the benefits of four powerful and unique gut-healing spore-form probiotics. Along with a scientifically confirmed ability to improve gut health, each of these strains adds its own special twist to the Just Thrive formula:

Bacillus indicus HU36 produces a range of vitamins plus highly absorbable antioxidants including beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin, and CoQ10. 

Bacillus subtilis HU38 produces natural antibiotics that help kill off pathogenic bacteria. 

Bacillus coagulans produces a special form of lactic acid that improves urinary tract health and helps balance pH levels in the gut.

Bacillus clausii stimulates antibody production to give your immune system a powerful defensive boost.

Packed with these healing spore-form beneficial bacteria, Just Thrive Probiotic premier probiotic/antioxidant blend can improve your gut function and your daily life starting today.