Gut Health

PODCAST: Food Heals Podcast #267: Restoring, Protecting and Healing the Microbiome with Tina Anderson


What you’ll learn in Episode 267:

  • How big pharma controls doctors
  • Why you might have leaky gut
  • Have we got it all wrong about gluten?
  • How to knock out a cold before it even begins
  • Can you reverse the damage done by glyphosate?
  • What’s wrong with strawberries?
  • The link between gut health and weight gain
  • How many probiotics to take for optimum health
  • The difference between spore-based probiotics and live ones – and which ones to choose
  • Can you trust those probiotic-infused foods?
  • The fermented foods myth
  • One mindfulness exercise that cares for your gut
  • The most healing way to take probiotics


Restoring, Protecting and Healing the Microbiome with Just Thrive Probiotic Co-Founder Tina Anderson

It was Hippocrates that famously said “all disease starts in the gut” - he was wise beyond his time! In fact, many of the chronic diseases we face today are caused by an unbalanced microbiome.

For years, Tina Anderson worked as a general counsel for a family pharmaceutical business. But the more she stayed, the more she realized how abusive that industry is - the over-prescribing, for instance, or reps lobbying doctors to prescribe medication to more people, even those who don’t need it yet. Or friends who, after starting one pharmaceutical, suddenly had to take ten more to balance the side effects. You can’t fault the business model: one drug lowers blood pressure but causes joint pain, so you have to take another pill to reduce joint pain but that one damages your stomach, so you take a third pill to counter the stomach problems but that one causes poor circulation, and so on.

Tina had gone into the pharmaceutical business because she wanted to help people improve their health, so she was appalled by what was really going on. Even though there is a place for pharmaceuticals (like in emergency situations), they are not the answer when it comes to healing chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disorders. These are lifestyle illnesses, and therefore must be healed by a change in lifestyle, not a drug.

When Tina began researching natural health, particularly gut health, she was blown away. What she found led her to patent a powerful and unique probiotic strain, and launch the probiotic company Just Thrive. Now, she’s on a mission to help more people naturally heal their gut, and thrive.


What’s the deal with gut health?

The microbiome affects almost every aspect of your physical health. And it’s being impacted on a daily basis by our modern lifestyles: antibiotics, glyphosate, toxins, processed food, stress, all these things create an imbalance in the gut, also known as dysbiosis. This happens when bad bacteria takes over the good bacteria. The other big issue is leaky gut, which over 80% of adults suffer from without even realizing it.


What is leaky gut?

Leaky gut is a condition characterized by tiny holes in your intestinal wall which allow undigested particles (like LPS toxins) from your gut leak into your blood stream. Your immune system doesn’t recognize these particles, and attacks by launching an inflammatory response. This is at the root of all autoimmune disorders, but also other chronic conditions like Alzheimer’s and heart disease.


What causes leaky gut?

Glyphosate is one of the biggest problems. It’s a pesticide, but it’s actually registered as an antibiotic. Unlike medical antibiotics that target both the good and bad bacteria, glyphosate only targets the good bacteria. So why is it still allowed to be used? Because they say it doesn’t affect human cells. The problem with that statement is that we’re made up of 90% bacterial cells. Which means glyphosate does affect us. Eating organic is a must, and eating fermented foods helps… but it’s vital to repopulate the good bacteria in the gut - and you do that with a probiotic.


Which is the best strain of probiotic to take?

Most probiotics are very sensitive. Lactobacillus, for example, don’t survive the gastric system. But bacillus ARE able to survive the gastric system - which means they get to your gut because they’re not destroyed by your stomach. These strains reverse the damage done by glyphosate, and even reduce levels of ghrelin (the hunger hormone).