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Dave: All right. Where do we want to get started? Let's start with Tina. All right, there's about a ka-billion probiotic companies. In fact, I've spent at least $100,000 over the last 20 years trying to fix my gut and buying every kind of probiotic out there. Sometimes like I think this works but I don't really know. What led you to think that the world needs yet another probiotic company?

Tina: Right. Well, we were, as you had mentioned in the intro,  my husband and I were in the pharmaceutical industry for many years and we just saw all of the abuses. We saw the rampant over-prescribing of drugs. In fact, one story that comes to mind is we had one that's huge bid at one of the largest hospital systems in the country. It was for a cholesterol med. We won this bid and everyone's jumping up and down. They're so excited and the pharmaceutical reps says to my husband, "You know what? What we need to do now is I need to go every single doctor, cardiologist in that hospital system and tell them to lower the number that they prescribe their cholesterol meds to their patients. We were disgusted. We were like, "This is crazy." We were surprised but yet, when we thought about we weren't that surprised because we saw all of this with different family members and relatives that they would get on one stomach, one medication for their stomach that would lead to another medication for joint pain, which next thing you know in a couple of months they would be on 12 different medications, and they're not getting any better. So we said, "We need to do something that's more in line with who we are and what we want to do." So we started learning about gut health, we learned about natural health, and focusing more on prevention. What we found is that, like you said, most probiotics really weren't working. They just weren't surviving the gastric system. They weren't doing what our true probiotic was supposed to do. Fortunately, we do a lot of deep thinking and affirmations and prayer and we were able to get the exclusive rights to these strains, these Bacillus strains from London University Royal Holloway, and found out that these strains are actually a completely different category than what we see in 99% of the probiotics in the market.

Dave: So you're the kind of entrepreneur who goes out to what I call real entrepreneurs and finds something, says, "Let me improve that," versus the more common kind of wantrepreneur who says, "Oh, there's something. Let me go do a crappier job and copy someone else's idea and then sort of pollute the business environment with low quality crap." If you don't believe me go to any online market place and look at whether you can tell whether things are good or bad. Unless you're well-educated, you can't because there's a bunch of wantrepreneurs just making cheap crap.

Tina: Exactly.

Dave: So you didn't just packaged up some bacteria. You found something that you thought was better. Why did you think this new kind of probiotic was better than everything else out there? I'm not certain that it is but you have a pretty case for it, which is why you're on the show.

Tina: Right, exactly. Well, because we started delving into the research, and the Human

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