Gut Health

Health Empowerment Series: Episode 2

What Are Spores, Where Did They Come From, and Why Do We Need Them

“Spore” may sound like a funny word, but no other bodily agent can match the health-driving capabilities of this particular type of beneficial bacteria... And, it may very well be one of the most intelligent (and oldest) organisms living on the planet.  

Cliff Notes

  • Defining a true probiotic (and why most gut health products aren’t actually “probiotics”)  [02:25]
  • What makes spores different (and why they’re crucial for your health)  [04:57] 
  • Shocking discovery: Spore-based bacteria has been on earth since before the dinosaurs... How is that even possible??  [07:15] 
  • The REAL reason most probiotic brands have an undersized impact on your overall health  [12:40] 
  • Demystifying the gut (a simple metaphor that could completely change your health)  [20:06]  
  • Is refrigeration a sign of probiotic strength or weakness?  [24:30]
  • Bacteria are smarter than us (and why that’s a good thing)  [28:20]
  • The incredible ways bacteria alert your immune system to colds, flus, and infections  [30:38]
  • Identifying and understanding the most superior strains of probiotics  [33:59]