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Gut Health

Customer Testimonial: Probiotics & Eczema


We are incredibly grateful to have recently received an email from a customer in Serbia with her testimonial and pictures about using Just Thrive Probiotic to improve her gut health, thereby affecting her eczema. And WOW!! We are radiating with pure joy knowing that Just Thrive Probiotic has made such a positive, life-changing impact on yet another customer’s health! Here’s her story…

Hello, Just Thrive!

My name is Milica. I’m 29 years old. In spring 2007, first year of pharmacy college, I developed acute dermatitis. It started around my wrists; after few months it came on my hands (not palms). Never had it on my palms.

I started seeing doctors; Specialists of all kind and taking all different therapies. Most of therapies would work while I was under treatment and right after treatment was complete, back to the same story. Soon, my eczema was taking over my legs, arms, chest …..and the most devastating was when it took over my face.

The only true lasting improvement I had was with [Just] Thrive. It really changed my life. Last six months are my best months when comes to eczema in the past ten years. I would like to thank you – Thrive company – for getting me back to my normal life. There are truly no words for my appreciation. May God bless you!!!!!


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