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Can You Really Believe Probiotic Health Claims?

You’ll see and hear a lot of health claims surrounding probiotics. After all, research on these beneficial bacteria has snowballed over the past several years, with new studies coming out almost daily.

Probiotics can have an enormous impact on the health of the gut microbiome – the trillions of good and bad bacteria that live in the gut – as well as on overall optimal health. So it makes sense that anyone selling probiotics would try to capitalize on all of the positive research.

But the truth is that this research doesn’t really apply to all probiotics. In fact, it may not even apply to the exact same strain of probiotics. Because in most cases, the probiotics used in scientific studies are not the same probiotics you can buy in the store – even if they have the same name.

That’s where Just Thrive really stands out: The research conducted on Just Thrive Probiotic uses the same bacillus strains that you’ll find in every bottle.

Probiotic Research Affects Your Health

Your overall health and wellness depends on the health of your gut microbiome. The balance of bacteria in your gut controls almost every facet of your health, affecting everything from your brainpower and moods to your heart health and even your skin.

Thousands of studies have found that your gut microbiome impacts every organ, system, and cell in your body in some way. That includes your

Because your gut microbiome has such wide-ranging effects, you need it to stay in prime condition. Unfortunately, a wide range of factors – including antibiotics, poor eating habits, toxins (like glyphosate and other pesticides) hidden in your food and water – disrupt your gut bacteria.

That’s where probiotics come into play. Probiotics can help rebalance and strengthen your gut microbiome, keeping it in great shape so you can stay your healthiest. 

The trick is in using the right probiotics… and that can be tough to figure out because many different probiotic brands use the same research to support their products. And even when it seems like you can match the research to a particular probiotic, it doesn't always work the way you’d think.

The Big Catch with Probiotic Research

Research into the gut microbiome and the effects of probiotics has exploded recently. And we’ve learned a lot of information about specific strains of probiotics, including how they can benefit your health.

But there’s a mismatch here… a few ways the research disconnects from the probiotics you can actually buy in the store or online:

  • While single strain research is important, it doesn’t tell us how probiotics work in combination with other strains. If you take independently studied strains and then combine them, they might not act the way they did in their individual studies.
  • Formulas that contain multiple independently studied strains may contain different doses of each strain than were used in the study.
  • Most probiotic research is run using carefully controlled conditions with strains created right in a pristine lab. Those probiotics don’t get stored or shipped, unlike the probiotics you can buy.

All of these factors add up to one conclusion: The probiotics you’re buying aren’t exactly the same as the probiotics tested in the studies.

That disconnect is what led Just Thrive to conduct our research differently.

The Just Thrive Research Difference

At Just Thrive, we took a different direction for our product research.

Instead of using the same playbook as other brands, we decided to make sure that our product works in your body the same way it does in the lab.  We’ve raised the bar in probiotic supplement research.

In most of our studies, the research is based on the Just Thrive formula (though we do have run some single strain studies as well). And when Just Thrive spore probiotics appear in clinical trials, they’re the same bacillus combination of strains in the same dosage that you can buy.

On top of that, in our studies we use bottles of Just Thrive spore probiotics that have been shipped and stored –  the same way they will be when you get them.

We test Just Thrive spore probiotics right out of the bottle, for an honest-to-life result.

And that’s how we can be sure that Just Thrive spore probiotics have the same effectiveness for you that they did in the clinical trials.

What’s in Just Thrive?

Just Thrive Probiotics contain four thoroughly studied strains of powerful spore probiotics: Bacillus subtilis HU58, Bacillus Indicus HU36, Bacillus coagulans, and Bacillus clausii.

4 Published Studies Reveal Groundbreaking Results

Right now, you can find four studies about the benefits of the strains used in Just Thrive published in reputable scientific journals. Each of these studies added a new dimension of information about how Just Thrive can benefit health. 

  1. Human Clinical Trial – Leaky Gut
Participants took a single probiotic capsule every day for 30 days with no other dietary or lifestyle changes. Researchers learned that this protocol:
  • Significantly reduced levels of lipopolysaccharides (also known as LPS toxins) in the bloodstream by 42%
  • Reduced triglyceride levels by 24%
  • Dramatically reduced levels of ghrelin, the “hunger hormone”
  • Supported healthy blood sugar levels
  1. Human Clinical Trial – Immune Function 

This study took a closer look at Bacillus subtilis HU58 and its impact on the immune systems of human volunteers. Participants took 2 or 3 capsules every day for 8 weeks. The results: a more balanced immune system response…

  • 45% reduction in IL-6 (interleukin-6)
  • 55% decrease in TNF-alpha
  1. Human Clinical Trial – Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) 

Participants took one probiotic capsule every day for 6 weeks. By the end of the 6-week trial period, participants showed “significant improvement,” including quality of life scores.

  1. SHIME Gut Model Study – Increasing Microbial Diversity (link:
Microbial diversity – the number of different types of bacteria in the gut microbiome – is crucial for good gut health. The more diverse the microbiome, the healthier the gut. In this two-part study, researchers found that:
  • Probiotics alone increased the population of beneficial gut bacteria by 10 – 100 fold
  • Probiotics plus Precision Prebiotics (the “food” that beneficial bacteria consume) more than doubled the increase gained from probiotics alone
  • Probiotics plus Precision Prebiotics increased microbial diversity
  • Probiotics plus Precision Prebiotics boosted production of healthy short chain fatty acids (SCFAs)

In addition to all of that groundbreaking research, the strains used in Just Thrive have been tested in a dozen more studies that will be published later in 2020.


It’s tricky to talk about not-yet-published studies, because the study results haven’t been officially released.

And while we can’t share all of the findings and details, we can let you know the inside scoop on the twelve completed and soon-to-be-published scientific studies done on the strains used in Just Thrive Probiotic.

Here are all the details we can share right now. And the minute we get the green light, we’ll fill you in on the full results.

  1. A human clinical trial where 12-weeks of once-daily probiotics resulted in a marked decrease in triglyceride levels. 
  2. A human clinical trial where probiotics significantly reduced ammonia levels in participants with liver issues using antibiotics. 
  3. A human clinical trial clearly demonstrating the gut-skin connection. A 30-day course of probiotics increased skin hydration and brought some other positive visible changes in complexion. 
  4. A study showing that spore probiotics improved the condition of dogs with leaky gut.
  5. An investigation into the effects of glyphosate and RoundUp on a child’s gut microbiome using the SHIME gut model. Researchers are studying how probiotics can rebalance the microbiome and restore SCFA production even during continuous exposure. 
  6. An animal study comparing the effectiveness of spore probiotics to prednisone in reducing symptoms of irritable bowel disorder.
  7. A SHIME gut model study studying the effects of Bacillus subtilis HU58 and prebiotics on gut microbiome imbalances caused by antibiotics.
  8. An animal study looking into the effect of probiotics on acetaminophen liver toxicity (when too much acetaminophen causes liver damage and disease). The study measured inflammation markers, oxidative stress markers, and more… with very positive results.
  9. An animal study demonstrating that probiotics offer superior liver protection compared to milk thistle. 
  10. A study on increasing microbial diversity using the SHIME gut model.
  11. An animal study investigating the effects of probiotics on antibiotic-induced depression.
  12. A study in chickens that revealed near complete kill-off of salmonella in the gut after a course of spore probiotics.

And those are just the completed studies. We’re learning more about Just Thrive probiotics in ongoing studies… and have even more research planned for the future.

Research Results You Can Count On

We’re dedicated to learning as much as we can about the dozens of potential health benefits of Just Thrive spore probiotics. That’s why we’re constantly testing them and studying their effects in people just like you.

Right now, we have four published studies, twelve more studies submitted for publication, and even more studies in progress. And we don’t plan to stop learning more about Just Thrive spore probiotics any time soon.

And to keep the knowledge flowing,  please share your Just Thrive experience with us. We want to know what works – and what doesn’t – and exactly how Just Thrive Probiotics have changed your life.