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3 Tips for Choosing the Best Probiotic: A Spore Probiotic!

It’s tough to choose the best probiotic to take. There are hundreds of choices available, all with different strains, dosages, and combinations – and choosing the right one for you can be really overwhelming.

While it might seem impossible to weed through all of the options, your best choice is a probiotic that meets these three crucial criteria:

  • The contents of every capsule match the ingredients listed on the label, so you get exactly what you’re paying for
  • The probiotics survive on the way to your gut, and thrive once they get there
  • The strains included are well-studied with proven health benefits 

You can find all of those desirable qualities in every bottle of Just Thrive Probiotic & Antioxidant, along with a power-packed formulation of four thoroughly-researched, clinically-proven strains of superior spore probiotics.


What’s Really in the Bottle? 

Processing… shipping… storage…

For a majority of the most popular probiotics on the market, the journey from the manufacturer to your cabinet is a deadly one. Probiotic products may sit in warehouses, trucks, and stores for a very long time before you eventually buy them... and most of them won’t survive beyond their shelf lives there.


Labels Should Match Ingredients

What’s more, a recent study of 16 bifidobacteria probiotic products found that only one of them perfectly matched the claims on their labels. In fact, many of the product labels “varied significantly” from the actual contents of the capsules inside – and there were even differences among capsules in the same bottle! [resource]

Other research shows that some probiotic products contain different strains than what appears on their labels – especially with “kitchen-sink” brands (which take the approach to say, “put everything in the capsule – something in there will work for people!”) that boast more than 10 different strains.


Spore Probiotics to the Rescue

Just Thrive contains 4 probiotic strains….because that’s all you need. Every bottle, every capsule, contains what the label says it does, so you can trust that you know what you’re getting in every dose. 

And unlike most other probiotics, the spore probiotic strains in Just Thrive can survive whatever’s thrown at them. In fact, because of their naturally-protective outer layer (like Mother Nature intended!), spores can exist for long periods of time in harsh conditions (including direct sunlight and high temperatures) that easily kill off other probiotic bacteria.

That means they’re alive and effective whenever you decide to take them… and they stay that way until they deliver crucial health benefits in your digestive system. [resource]


Surviving Digestion

Your digestive system is full of hazards. It’s designed that way on purpose so that it can completely break down food and kill off harmful microbes. Unfortunately, that harsh environment also kills off most commercial probiotics.

The four hearty strains in Just ThriveBacillus Indicus HU36, Bacillus Coagulans, Bacillus Clausii, and Bacillus Subtilis HU58 survive the treacherous journey through stomach acid and digestive enzymes, arriving in your gut in full strength.

Once they reach your gut, they spring into action, crowding out invading species of bad bacteria and helping to transform your microbiome into a place where beneficial bacteria thrive.


Four Spore Probiotic Strains Offer Proven Health Benefits

Each of the well-researched strains included in Just Thrive brings with it numerous health benefits, positively impacting every part of your body and keeping you safe from a wide range of pathogens.

1 - Bacillus Indicus HU36 has the unique ability to produce more than a dozen carotenoids, powerful brightly colored antioxidants that help protect every cell in your body from the devastating damage of oxidative stress. And because those carotenoids are created in your gut, they’re highly bioavailable and easily absorbable, so you get the full benefit of their antioxidant capacity. That means you get the full healing powers of some of the most potent well-known antioxidants, including lutein, zeaxanthin, lycopene, beta-carotene, and astaxanthin. Each of these healthy compounds offers protection against free radicals along with anti-inflammatory and immune-building abilities.

2 - Bacillus Coagulans helps the good bacteria in your gut form successful colonies in your intestines – and with higher beneficial bacteria populations, bad bacteria and other pathogens can’t get a solid foothold. B. coagulans also happens to be one of the most-studied probiotic strains for optimal gut health, and it’s often used to help reduce abdominal discomfort in adults and children [resource]. But its benefits don’t stop in your gut – this strain has also been found to improve urinary tract health in two important ways. First, it produces an antimicrobial compound called bacteriocin that can fight off the bad bacteria known to cause infection. Second, B. coagulans produces a special form of lactic acid that helps beneficial bacteria colonize and thrive to keep infection-causing bacteria out. And that special form of lactic acid (known as L+ optical isomer) also helps improve digestion, balance gut pH levels, and improve circulation, too.

3 - Bacillus Clausii, which happens to be the most commonly used probiotic worldwide, stimulates the immune system to better help your body fight off germs and other pathogens. One way it does that is by helping your body produce an important antibody known as Immunoglobulin A (IgA) that plays an important role in allergic reactions and respiratory health [resource].

This sturdy strain can also stand up to certain antibiotics, helping prevent the decimation of beneficial bacteria in your gut during a course of treatment, which may help avoid some of the common gut-related side effects of antibiotic use. In fact, doctors in Europe often prescribe it along with antibiotics for that very reason [resource].

Bacillus clausii has yet another special power that separates it from less-potent probiotics: It can survive in both high and low pH environments. That allows it to adhere to the bowel wall, where it helps colonize beneficial bacteria in the bowel mucosa. [resource]

4 - Bacillus Subtilis HU58 has special powers when it comes to fighting pathogens. This spore-form probiotic can produce at least two dozen antibiotics to take on all sorts of nasty bacteria. [resource]

Plus, studies have found that B. subtilis:

  • Helps reduce loose stools and abdominal sounds in healthy adults
  • Stimulates a healthy immune response in older adults (aged 60-74) [resource]
  • Boosts immune function by ramping up NK (natural killer) cell and macrophage activity (two critical health defenders) 

On top of all that, researchers have discovered that B. subtilis may increase longevity – for a longer, healthier life! [Resource/link:


The Best Probiotic = A Spore Probiotic! Choose Just Thrive…

With all of these proven benefits and superior survivability, Just Thrive is best spore probiotic out there. By setting the stage for a healthy microbiome, where a variety of beneficial bacteria can flourish, Just Thrive is the perfect spore probiotic choice for any situation.

Take charge of your health with the Just Thrive today!