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Why You Should Be Taking A Spore-Based Probiotic Before the Holidays

Spore based probiotics are beneficial bacteria that colonize within your gut. They help balance the microbes that liv...

. 5 min read

Just Thrive microbiologist Kiran Krishnan Speaks: Forget What You Know About Probiotics

Much of the probiotic market was built on assumptions and hypotheses of how the gut functions. With the $157 million ...

. 1 min read

Favorite Healthy Fall Snack Recipes from Around the Web

Keep your energy UP this holiday season with healthy snacks you can take on-the-go! Here are just a few of our favori...

. 3 min read

BUSTED! Probiotic Myths #7 and #8

Here’s the last in our 4-part series about Probiotic Myths you need to know! Myth #7: You should take your probiotic ...

. 2 min read

Lactose Intolerant? Probiotics Can Help…

Originally featured in Organic Life. I Have A Dairy Sensitivity—Here’s How Probiotics Helped Tame My Symptoms Find ou...

. 5 min read

BUSTED! Probiotic Myths #5 and #6

Intro… Myth #5: A probiotic should be enteric coated or in a special capsule. This is simply marketing. While enteric...

. 1 min read

BUSTED! Probiotic Myths #3 and #4

Last week for Myth Monday, we shared myths #1 and #2 about probiotics. This week, we’re expanding to our list. Read o...

. 1 min read

BUSTED! Probiotic Myths #1 and #2

Probiotics are everywhere nowadays. And it understandable why–one of the most important discoveries of our generation...

. 2 min read

Featured in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Groundbreaking Probiotic Study on Leaky Gut

Originally posted by Pittsburg Post-Gazette. CHICAGO, Sept. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — A groundbreaking study published i...

. 4 min read

Featured in Vitamin Retailer: Boosting Wellness with Natural Immune Support

Originally featured in Vitamin Retailer. To provide preventative measures to help maintain the immune system, the imm...

. 9 min read

(VIDEO) WholeFoods Magazine: Groundbreaking Probiotic Study on Leaky Gut

Using Metabolic Endotoxemia as a measure of intestinal permeability and chronic immune activation, the University of ...

. 1 min read

Featured in Spore-based Probiotics May Reduce Symptoms of ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’

Supplements containing a combination of spore-based probiotics may counter the chronic immune activation and inflamma...

. 1 min read

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