Wish It Didn’t Hurt to Pee?

Occasionally (or not so occasionally), does it hurt to pee? And does this seem to be happening more and more frequently? 

Perhaps that painful burning sensation combined with the near-constant need to pee keeps you stuck at home. 

Many people in your situation choose to see their health care practitioner… But oftentimes that ends up in a prescription “fix” that can actually make things worse in the long run. 

So you Google your symptoms and roll the dice, hoping you can manage it all on your own.  And, if you’re lucky, you may just stumble upon the right solutions that can help you deal with the discomfort.

But why waste time gambling and guessing? In the paragraphs below. we’ll cover the 3 powerfully proactive plants clinically proven to keep you peeing comfortably. Even better, when you use these plants preemptively, you can help keep your urinary health steady (and your bathroom trips down to a minimum :)

Painful Pee? It Might Be a Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infections – UTIs – are the most common cause of painful peeing. They normally start with annoyingly frequent strong urges to pee. Along with those symptoms, you may also experience:  

  • Burning pain when you pee
  • Feeling like your bladder won’t empty completely
  • Feeling like you still have to pee even though you just went
  • Weird-smelling urine
  • Cloudy urine
  • Red or pink urine
  • Pain or pressure in your abdomen

If you’re dealing with these symptoms, seek treatment as quickly as you can. Because an untreated UTI can lead to other complications.


Why You Should Never Ignore a UTI

UTIs can cause more than painful burning pee. And, without proper care, they can evolve into some serious health issues. 

When the bacteria that cause UTIs aren’t killed off quickly enough, they can multiply and move. When that happens, they can spread beyond your bladder to your kidneys or other vital organs. And in severe cases the bacteria can infect your blood, which can lead to dangerous complications.

Luckily, you can sidestep these potential problems by addressing UTIs quickly and correctly. But before we can address the problem, it’s helpful to first know exactly what you’re really dealing with… 

What Causes UTIs and Urinary Pain?

UTIs rank among the most common bacterial infections in the world. They cause pain and problems for at least 150 million people every year.

And one nasty bacteria –  E. coli causes 80 to 90% of these frustrating infectionsWhat’s worse, E. coli causes more than 75% of recurrent UTIs (meaning UTIs that show up again and again).

So if you have a UTI, you’re most likely dealing with E. coli. At least if it’s a bacterial infection…

UTIs can also be caused by fungus such as Candida albicans. Those fungal infections can be triggered by antibiotic use – the number one standard treatment for UTIs . And since antibiotics tend to be the go-to treatment for UTIs, Candida can make the infection more complicated to treat. 

That’s because antibiotics are anti-bacterial, not antifungal (ie: they can’t treat fungal infections)... And the drugs used to treat fungal infections can’t get rid of bacteria. Here’s what that means for you: You may end up taking multiple medications that come with lots of potential side effects. 

And then there’s this alarming fact: A lot of UTIs are caused by drug-resistant bacteria. Which makes that medication you just took completely ineffective.

woman in distress

Drug-Resistant UTIs Make Everything Worse 

Resistance to antibiotics can happen anytime a bacteria comes in contact with an antibiotic and survives. 

If a bacteria is allowed to persist, it’ll pass the genes responsible for the survival along to its descendants, making it harder and harder to treat.

And many bacteria that cause UTIs have become drug resistant. That means that most of the common antibiotics prescribed for UTIs won’t cure them.

When the antibiotics don’t work effectively, your infection may linger, which lets the bacteria grow and multiply. Then they can start traveling throughout your body. And with UTIs, the first place they tend to hit is your kidneys. That can lead to kidney failure or other serious consequences.

You can see why it’s essential to treat whatever is causing your UTI properly and fully. Not with drugs the bacteria can resist... Not counting on antibiotics to wipe out fungal infections... What you need is a smart, adaptive, proactive approach – One that’s both natural (not a medication) AND clinically proven.

Proactive Plants Protect Urinary Health

There’s a good reason generations of healers from many different cultures have treated UTIs with natural remedies made from the plants around them: They work. And while medications created in a lab remain static, plants constantly change to survive in their often harsh surroundings. 

That gives nature a huge advantage over man-made chemicals made from a handful of compounds – or sometimes just a single compound.

Plants naturally contain thousands of compounds, and bacteria can’t learn how to escape or avoid all of them.

That’s why UTI bacteria can’t develop resistance to plants – They can’t get used to something that’s always changing… And they don’t know what’s coming next.

So to stay ahead of UTIs, count on the plants that people have been using for generations. 

Here’s what you need to know about 3 time-tested plants that protect your urinary tract against the bad guys.


If you’ve ever dealt with a UTI, someone – maybe your doctor – probably told you to drink cranberry juice. And there’s a reason that cranberry is the number one recommended natural solution for UTIs: These berries contain powerful plant compounds that have been proven to support your best urinary health. 

And… There’s a “but.” To take advantage of the full range of benefits, you need the whole berry, not just the juice. Whole cranberries contain high levels of compounds called PACs. These PACs do the near miraculous: They ensure bad bacteria can’t stick to the cells in your urinary tract, which allows your body to naturally flush and get rid of them.


Hibiscus is another plant that's a powerful helper in the daily fight for your UT health. It exhibits antibacterial powers, along with antifungal and acidic properties that keep your urinary tract clean. Like whole cranberries, hibiscus has been shown to address both bacteria and fungus.

One special hibiscus extract Ellirose™ shows special abilities for handling occasional urinary issues. 

An eye-opening clinical trial showed that Ellirose™ delivered unprecedented support to women who experienced intermittent urinary tract challenges. The study found that taking just 200 mg of Ellirose™ daily helped quickly soothe an irritated UT.  

Black Cumin Seed

Though not as well known for urinary health as cranberries, black cumin seed has been used for centuries to promote microbial balance. Its power comes from a potent compound known as TQ (thymoquinone). 

TQ gives black cumin seed extract the ability to effectively stand up to the harmful bacteria and other bad actors that cause more than 90% of UT challenges.

Take a Proactive Approach to Urinary Tract Health with UT123

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