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Gut Health

What Your Poo Says About Your Health


Its always fun to have a little potty talk, especially if your a bunch of teenage boys making jokes in a locker room. We know our poo comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors (and let’s not forget odors). As funny, or awkward, as this might be, your poo can tell you a lot about your digestive system and your overall health.

Lets start with color.


What does the color of your poo mean?


This is the color we strive for with every movement. This means everything looks like its in proper working order.
brown poo


This color looks good on a car, but no so much in our poo. This can mean a lower GI bleed or Diverticulosis.
Red Poop


This could be Crohn’s Disease! But, let’s hope it was that Red Velvet Cupcake you ate yesterday on “Cheat Day”.
green poop


We call this the pale poo. If this is floating in your bathroom pool, you might wanna check your Gallbladder.
white poop


The Vampire poo! Check your gums because it could very well be symptoms of Porphyia.
vampire violet poop


“We have a bleeder!” At least that what your upper GI might be screaming.
black poop

What does the shape of your poo mean?

Color is one thing, but can the shape of your poo give any insight to your insides?


Should be smooth with the occasional crack in the exterior. Think two day old play-doh.
Normal Poop Shape


Poo in the shape of small pellets is a sure indicator you might need some fiber. You’re also probably feeling a little constipated.
Pellet Poop

Jagged Rocks

This poo could be telling you its time for a cleaning (in the GI tract that is).
Jagged Rock Poop


“Achoo”…. Bless you! You might have a cold or some other kind of bacterial infection.
Liquid Poo

Mucous and Bubbly

There is nothing funny about this one, you might have unsafe levels of alcohol or drugs in your system.
Bubbly Poop


So next time you are playing Candy Crush or checking Facebook on the toilet, do yourself a favor and do the poo check. We hope this article helped you learn a little more about your poo. While this was meant to be light hearted and informative, make no mistake that your health is not. Make sure you drink plenty of water and take everything in moderation so you will have a happy tummy.

Happy droppings.

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