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VIDEO: How to Begin Healing Leaky Gut with Just Thrive Probiotic

Hey guys, Kiran Krishnan here, microbiologist, and probiotic and microbiome researcher. I am here to tell you to make today ridiculously awesome. The way to do that is to start to heal your leaky gut.

If you’re not familiar with what leaky gut is, basically your intestinal lining tends to be leaky, it allows things to cross it that shouldn’t be crossing it, in particular there’s a bacterial toxin called LPS. This LPS is pretty abundant in your gut, it exists in about 70% of the good microbes that live in your gut, and as they die off in the digestion process or just daily activity, they release this toxin and in the case of leaky gut, these toxins end up leaking through the intestinal lining and into your circulatory system. Once it’s in your circulatory system it starts off a cascade of inflammatory reactions all over the body that become the foundation of most chronic illnesses.

Up to date, we’ve seen studies that have shown that leaky gut is a major driver of cardiovascular disease, it’s an onset of type 2 diabetes, it causes obesity, it causes virtually every chronic metabolic disorder as well, like weight gain. But then it also causes neurological issues, so Parkinson’s, Alzheimers are driven by this LPS from leaky gut leaking into the system.

Now, we did a study that was published in August of 2017 that showed that the spore based probiotics in Just Thrive are able to stop the process of LPS toxin leaking into your system. We showed this in just 30 days, without any other changes in diet or lifestyle… 


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