Think you only need cranberries for urinary health?

Tired of dealing with urinary tract issues? Overloaded on cranberry juice? Tried everything to get your urinary health under control with little to no success?

Your luck is about to change… for the much better. Because while the right kind of cranberry can do wonders for urinary health (more on that below), it’s not the only safe natural option out there. In fact, there’s another powerful option that’s been used for generations to keep urinary health flowing smoothly and comfortably.

You’ve probably never heard about this tiny health-promoting plant… at least not in connection to your urinary tract. Most doctors have never heard of it, but centuries of traditional use around the world have proved it to be a urinary health superstar.

The Rich Health-Promoting History of Black Cumin Seed 

For thousands of years, black cumin seed – also known as Nigella sativa – has been a go-to staple for traditional healers in different cultures around the world. (1) And there’s a good reason for that… 

This plant contains legendary powers for promoting long-lasting wellness - especially for the urinary tract. Black cumin seed draws its strength from a potent compound called TQ (thymoquinone). (2) Its effectiveness shines in over 400 published studies that document its stunning healing properties. (3)  

Even better: That research includes evidence that black cumin seed extracts can tackle the culprits involved in urinary health before they ever get a chance to make a move. (4)

In fact, it supports optimal urinary health in five distinct ways that can help you live without the fear of “peeing knives” or having to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes.

black cumin seed

5 Ways Black Cumin Seed Powers Superior Urinary Health

Packed with TQ and dozens of other nourishing beneficial qualities, black cumin seed provides broad support for urinary health. (5)

Black cumin seed delivers these five proven actions to help keep your urinary tract right on track: 

  1. Antibacterial properties, including the ability to address E. coli and similar microbes that can make their way into the urinary tract
  2. Antifungal and anti-yeast properties, capable of taking on Candida albicans should they enter the urinary system
  3. Antioxidant support, that helps keep your urinary tract healthy and strong year-round
  4. Inflammation-modulating properties, to help your body mount a healthy inflammation response along your urinary tract (6)
  5. Antimicrobial flexibility, due to its complex and ever-changing botanical makeup that allows the plant to adapt to new enemies, avoiding microbial resistance

But this natural wonder doesn’t stop at the urinary tract when it comes to delivering essential health benefits…

“The Herb from Heaven” Promotes Vital Whole-Body Wellness

Since its use in ancient times, black cumin seed has captured the attention and imagination of traditional healers around the world. It’s been praised in sacred and religious texts for its astonishing health-promoting powers… and even dubbed “the Herb from Heaven.” (7) And it’s been the subject of stacks of studies – including vigorous clinical trials – for centuries.

Traditional use and modern robust research have shown that black cumin seed offers benefits for virtually every body system including: (8)

  • Reproductive
  • Immune 
  • Digestive
  • Cardiovascular
  • Respiratory 
  • Neurological
  • Endocrine (hormones)
  • And of course, your urinary tract

And while black cumin seed works effectively on its own… This natural powerhouse works even better as part of a proactive urinary support team.

black cumin seed

Black Cumin Seed and the UT All Star Trio

When your urinary health is in the best possible shape, you’ll feel confident and in control. No more having to run to the bathroom every few minutes… Or worrying about the discomfort of a UT issue. This peace of mind comes from doing everything you can to proactively and safely protect your urinary system. 

Here’s the lineup for your all star urinary health support team:

1. Black Cumin Seed

    As mentioned, for broad spectrum urinary support, start with black cumin seed. With its impressive array of beneficial activity, black cumin seed delivers the powers of TQ to keep you in optimal urinary health. All it takes is 100 mg of black cumin seed extract daily to keep your urinary tract right on track.

    But to really tackle optimal urinary health, you’ll need the whole team. And second up is everyone’s favorite urinary health go-to…

    2. Cranberry

      Anyone who’s ever had even the briefest urinary issue knows to turn to cranberry for relief… usually in the form of cranberry juice. However, that’s not the best option because cranberry juice is loaded with sugar, which can cause its own problems. Plus, you’re missing out on other crucial plant components when all you’re getting is the juice. 

      To take full advantage of the entire range of this powerful plant you need the whole berry… not just the juice. (9) Broad spectrum, whole cranberries contain high levels of compounds called PACs. These PACs have a unique talent: They don’t let anything stick to the cells in your urinary tract. And if microbes can’t adhere to those cells, they can’t start causing problems… they just flow right out when you pee. (10)

      3. Hibiscus

        Hibiscus – that beautiful flowering garden plant – works effectively to keep your urinary system in great shape. It has acidic properties that help keep your urinary system in proper balance. And this botanical has fierce natural survival defenses that your body can harness for its own protection. (11)

        One clinically studied hibiscus extract called Ellirose™ demonstrates remarkable abilities for resolving occasional urinary tract irritation. 

        A notable clinical trial showed that Ellirose™ delivered unprecedented relief to women who experienced intermittent urinary tract challenges. The study found that taking 200 mg of Ellirose™ every day helped reduce recurrence of urinary discomfort. 

        Harness the Urinary Power of Black Cumin Seed with UT123

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        UT123 quickly tackles occasional urinary challenges and promotes optimal urinary health thanks to its a fast-acting formula that contains:

        • 100 mg of black cumin seed extract
        • 500 mg of whole cranberry extract 
        • 200 mg of Ellirose™ hibiscus extract

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