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Pumpkin Pie Probiotic Smoothie

Guest recipe and blog by Megan Tomlin @gooodmoodfoood.With fall in full swing, I figured this was the perfect time to...

. 3 min read

Berrylicious Summer Smoothie

Guest recipe and blog by Sarah Mason @therootedblonde This is one of my absolute favorite smoothie recipes that’s sup...

. 3 min read

Emerald Elixir Smoothie

Recipe and blog by Tina @ Just Thrive It’s a scientific fact: Smoothies are the best! They're perfect for busy mornin...

. 3 min read

Secret Ingredient Pink Smoothie Bowl

Guest recipe and blog by Maddie Miles @themaddiemiles

. 2 min read

Frozen Fruit Smoothie with Just Thrive Probiotic

Original recipe by #hollyskeepingitreal.  INGREDIENTS Homemade almond milk Frozen pineapple, raspberries, cranberri...

. 1 min read