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How to Create a Relaxing Bedtime Routine

Hint: It Starts In the Morning Do you have a tough time falling asleep at night? Maybe you lie in bed while stressfu...

. 7 min read

Why Do I Feel So Sleepy After I Eat?

Tired of your daily “food coma”?... Here’s what you can do.

. 9 min read

Tired of Looking and Feeling Older Than You Are?

How to Revitalize Your Life and Slow Down The Age Clock

. 10 min read

7 Self-Care Strategies to Soothe Emotional Distress

Plus How to track your trends and stay steady

. 6 min read

The “Secret” Strategy For Peak Mental Performance

To reach your cognitive summit, the path to the top isn’t up… It’s down!

. 7 min read

Can’t Sleep? Here’s The Surprising Reason Why

Does it take forever for you to fall asleep? Or do you nod off pretty quickly but then wake up in the middle of the n...

. 7 min read

Top 10 Self Care Tips For The Holidays

The holidays are great for a lot of things: reconnecting with those you love, taking time off of work, setting new go...

. 10 min read

Your Guide To Sidestepping Holiday Hangovers

Let’s be honest… The holidays often mean parties, and those parties inevitably (and sometimes necessarily) bring alco...

. 11 min read

Back-To-College Special: Overcome These 5 Common Health Challenges

Discover how your gut holds the key to mastering dorm life

. 9 min read

Start Clean: The 10 Best Ways to Detox 2020

From the pandemic to the economy to the natural disasters, the hits just kept coming all year long.

. 7 min read

5 Ways Not Sleeping Hurts Your Health…

and 3 Easy Ways to Sleep Better Every Night

. 7 min read

How Probiotics Promote Restorative Sleep

The Kind of Sleep You Need to Stay Healthy  Have you been tossing and turning, waking up grumpy, and feeling less th...

. 4 min read