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Gut Health

Immune Health & Probiotics


Over 80% of our immune system is found in our intestines – which is why optimal gut health is in direct correlation to optimal overall health.

Another unique feature of Just Thrive is that the strains used in Just Thrive come alive and they begin by stimulating the immune tissue called The Peyer’s Patches (PP). The significance of this is that the stimulation of the Peyer’s Patches boosts T-Cell and B-Cell immunity which helps the body fight off viral and bacterial infections. In addition, the specific stimulation of the Peyer’s Patches leads to activation of a cell called the T-Suppressor cell which actually can suppress auto-immune and allergic responses.


  • They move down the intestines and colonize (attach) where they begin producing digestive enzymes that help digest incoming food including carbohydrates, fats, proteins and plant matter. They help us digest our food without producing gas like many other probiotics do.
  • In this part of the digestive system, they also continue to stimulate the GALT immune tissue which has been shown to produce an anti-inflammatory effect both in the gut and likely in the body. At this point they also begin to competitively exclude bad bacteria by producing antibiotics that they used to kill off or drive out non-desirable species. They seem to do the same with invading yeast species as well. They also compete with bad bacteria for space and resources and since they are so supremely adapted to live in the gut, they tend to win those battles. While excluding and eliminating bad bacteria, they also lower the pH of the gut environment which favors the growth of your good bacteria. They also produce compounds like catalase and subtilisin which specifically feed your natural lactobacillus and thus supports the growth of your natural good bacteria.
  • The strains in Just Thrive also help to detox the gut by absorbing and eliminating toxins that come in from food. Our food is full of toxins and we count on the good bacteria in our gut to neutralize them so we don’t absorb these toxins.
  • After a few days they continue to move down into your colon where they conduct some of their most important functions – they digest fibers in the diet and produce huge amounts of Short-chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs) called butyrate, propionate and acetate. Butyrate for example is the main energy sources of the cells that make up your colon – called colonocytes. It also has been shown to play a critical role in fat metabolism and regulation of fat burning. Acetate and propionate have also been extensively studied for their role in energy metabolism, anti-inflammation, reducing appetite to lower food intake, immune support and even brain health. A search in the literature for information on SCFAs will reveal a significant amount of research investigating their anti-cancer properties and their potent ability to regulate the gut microflora. It is important to note that the strains in Just Thrive are the only strains that have been shown to increase the production of short-chain fatty acids by nearly 40% overall healthy colon.

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The strains in Just Thrive are considered to be “transient” strains as all probiotics should be. This means they enter the body, perform important functions (as listed above) and then they leave. They are designed to be consumed every day to maintain their levels in the GI. We are not aware of any probiotic strains that have demonstrated all the effects listed above. Most don’t even meet the first one which is survive the harsh gastric stomach.


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