Healthy Digest-Booster Smoothie😍

Happy Valentine’s Day
What do you do to boost your digestive system? 
I absolutely love adding a good probiotic like @justthrivehealth to my smoothie bowls .
Taking care of your gut daily is so important , and the easiest thing you can do is adding a good probiotic to your diet. 
Made this beautiful smoothie for a Valentine’s Day kind of treatHealthy Digest-Booster SmoothieRecipe (servings 2) :
- 3 frozen bananas  
- 1/4 cup freshly squeezed pomegranate juice 
- 1 capsule of @justhrivehealth probiotic
Mix all in a blender until you get a smooth and fluffy texture Decorate with fresh raspberries , cocoa nibs and beautiful Valentine hearts

Enjoy 😉 

~ Ligiasfreshbowls