Fermented Cherry Crunch Brownie Bites

3/4 cup fermented dried tart cherries 
1/3 cup cacao powder ⁠
1/4 cup chocolate protein or coconut flour ⁠
1/3 cup thick coconut yogurt⁠
1 tsp vanilla⁠
Generous pinch of salt⁠
2 capsules of Just Thrive probiotic 
Optional: 1/2 tsp adaptogen ⁠

(If you’re paleo, leave out or make with paleo cereal or toasted coconut flakes)⁠

1 cup @onedegreeorganics sprouted brown rice crisps⁠
2-3 TB coconut oil⁠
Optional natural sweetener⁠
Pinch of salt⁠

👉Throw all the ingredients for the brownie base into a food processor. After it’s thoroughly combined, smoosh mix into a small dish. Then make your crunch.⁠
👉For the crunch, mix together the sprouted crisps, coconut oil, salt, and sweetener, (if using), in a small bowl.⁠
👉Spoon the crunch mix on top of the brownie base and smoosh it in the batter a bit to make it stick.⁠
👉Pop in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes to firm up. ⁠